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  1. Only 12 more months to go (hopefully) for 50% upgrade to K14U, and 36 months for 50% upgrade to K15UCE !
  2. yes, but which of these midi packs are "duplicates" of what are included in the ebx's? Don't think you can answer this solely on the product name. Other products, they explicitly state whether or not the midi pack is a duplicate of the expansions (drums, keys) themselves. $10 flash sales for midi are good, so I guess $15 for being able to pick and choose what you want isn't so bad.
  3. wake me up when the ebx multipack goes on mega sale . . .
  4. Lucky for that glitch in the matrix . . . Wonder how the usual suspects and the usual codes are doing (jrr, thomann)? Seems like jrr with code GROUP is $167.16
  5. Editor is looking pretty darn good to me! Now, if only I had access to account from which I could order . . .
  6. "Yes," it is annoying. And "no," I have not received confirmation key (even after resend request). Would someone with access please be kind enough to post the upgrade pricing for those of us with Essential? TYIA If it is truly ~55%, I am guessing this is almost on par with BF/CM pricing, and no need to wait until then this year?
  7. Is this as good as it gets (50%), or better opportunities await ? FWIW: Top 8 Piano Plugins 2022 Ravenscroft 275 doesn't make the top 8, but is listed under "Bonus: Library"
  8. As a polite reminder to those for whom this may matter:
  9. Purchased during a previous sale, no regrets!
  10. Don't understand what all of this means. At the end of the day, is this just something that I could obtain with EZMix? Why would I want/need something like this for SD3? Even at a 50% discount, seems a little spendy, no?
  11. argh! missed the apd pricing . . . looks like its gonna be vst-buzz
  12. no love for us pc users ☹️
  13. Interesting . . . this really can't be the first birdsong vst-i, can it? What others have I missed?
  14. “54 40 or Fight” . . . $99 or fight!!!
  15. Yeah, reading the thread over at kvr, seems to suggest that waiting is best course of action . . . people seem to think at $99 it would be an insta-upgrade, but no-go at $199.
  16. Had me at MS-20! Got the VC8 w/SQ80V deal, so hoping that the upgrade path is "reasonable". Now the best time to upgrade, upon intro?
  17. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I must be missing something . . . With 25% off from TT directly, prices are "only" about $10 (or less) cheaper than what places like Thomann are offering now to everyone. I get it, this is a "Deals" forum and $10 here and $10 there can add up. But, I don't think anyone here is really missing out on anything super special if they didn't receive the e-mail.
  18. Strange, idk why i received this email. I have SD, EZMix, EZBass, EZKeys, (none purchased directly from TT); having purchased very little directly from TT (a handful of $10 midi files? since it was essentially the same price from TT as third party resellers) I think the EBX 3-pack would be about $135 with the discount, a few $ better than some of the third party resellers (~$150?). I guess $210 for Orchestral Percussion SDX is a fair price (though I thought I saw someone privately offering it for $175)? Other than those 2 things, I am mostly content to wait for 60%+ sales on the sdx's I don't already have. So, maybe there is not too much being missed if an e-mail wasn't received.
  19. Check your e-mails. What says the exalted ToonBapu? Some sdx/ezb multi-packs (excluded? does a multi-pack count as a single "title"?)? Orchestral Percussion SDX? Whats the best use? TT is expensive to begin with, try to get those 60%+ weekend/BF sales. Maybe 25% really not worth it?
  20. Picked up ReVoice Pro 4
  21. Babe in the woods here, but seems like all together (including all the JoinPA/Soundwide free plugins) I have 27 38 from PA, and never paid more than $15 (average) for any one of them. Doesn't look like I will be getting to number 28 39.
  22. Are May's $25 vouchers still generic, or now are they truly personalized? Mine ends in: Tw39 Yes, $75 min spend. 😥
  23. Back in Feb (the 28th?), IIRC this was buy-one-get-three-free. Don't know if it ever was better than that.
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