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  1. So far, unhappy penguin . . . One year ago today: Orange Tree Samples 2021 Group Buy
  2. OTS group buy on 6/21/22 ?
  3. That seems to work with a $14 product. Had 2 products (many different combinations), about $34, ready to pay about $9, and no go.
  4. That is my theory too; create a bunch of buzz on reddit, cakewalk, vic and other usual suspects, then cut it off after a certain number of redemptions. This way they know in advance the "cost" of this "advertisement."
  5. Tried various combinations of products. Have no idea of what the purported terms and conditions of the code are. Seems like bait-and-switch to me. 👎
  6. The answer, at least for me, seemingly is: "No" to Mello-Fi, as I received the first license for free; so while I technically will have two licenses, neither can be transferred. "Yes" to Fragments, since I purchased the first license individually. So, if I upgrade, I will have two Fragments licenses, and I am allowed to sell/transfer the individual license, to offset some of the cost of the FXC2 --> FXC3 Just in case this matters to anyone.
  7. Already have FX2, Fragments & Mello-Fi. If I purchase FX3, would I get duplicate licenses (that I can resell) for Fragments/Mello-Fi?
  8. Also will NOT work with Bundles So much for "ALL PRODUCTS" . . .
  9. Just tried again, created a new account, tried to log in, log in failed, but now a password reset seems to work. So, I guess "yes", about 45 seconds when things (almost) work as they should . . . Really frustrating experience from someone who wants to sell me software for money . . . I hope their "musical tools" aren't this buggy
  10. 3 days trying to create an account / login. No response from them. Is this a "real" company, or just some "fly-by-night" operator in their basement/garage?
  11. Have been trying for 2 days to create an account (have no idea if I've been successful), login (never have been successful) and reset my password (never have been successful). Have contacted them, no response. Not a good way to introduce oneself to potential new customers. ☹️
  12. I understand that with the introduction of EZ3, newer ezx's might not work with previous versions. But, what about SD3? Previously, SD3 would work with all ezx's. But will this still be true with ezx's for ez3?
  13. A good price, to be certain. IIRC, it has been this price (+/-$5) for awhile now. Probably a good deal for "newer" ebx's, and I may yet breakdown and purchase that. Nonetheless, I am holding out hope that this BF/CM TT will finally put some of the "older" ebx's on sale, for a price even lower than this. A penguin can dream . . .
  14. Only 12 more months to go (hopefully) for 50% upgrade to K14U, and 36 months for 50% upgrade to K15UCE !
  15. yes, but which of these midi packs are "duplicates" of what are included in the ebx's? Don't think you can answer this solely on the product name. Other products, they explicitly state whether or not the midi pack is a duplicate of the expansions (drums, keys) themselves. $10 flash sales for midi are good, so I guess $15 for being able to pick and choose what you want isn't so bad.
  16. wake me up when the ebx multipack goes on mega sale . . .
  17. Lucky for that glitch in the matrix . . . Wonder how the usual suspects and the usual codes are doing (jrr, thomann)? Seems like jrr with code GROUP is $167.16
  18. Editor is looking pretty darn good to me! Now, if only I had access to account from which I could order . . .
  19. "Yes," it is annoying. And "no," I have not received confirmation key (even after resend request). Would someone with access please be kind enough to post the upgrade pricing for those of us with Essential? TYIA If it is truly ~55%, I am guessing this is almost on par with BF/CM pricing, and no need to wait until then this year?
  20. Is this as good as it gets (50%), or better opportunities await ? FWIW: Top 8 Piano Plugins 2022 Ravenscroft 275 doesn't make the top 8, but is listed under "Bonus: Library"
  21. As a polite reminder to those for whom this may matter:
  22. Purchased during a previous sale, no regrets!
  23. Don't understand what all of this means. At the end of the day, is this just something that I could obtain with EZMix? Why would I want/need something like this for SD3? Even at a 50% discount, seems a little spendy, no?
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