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  1. @GregSchlaepfer : I second this, as well as join the many others in requesting Wurli counterpart to the Rhodes. 100% would purchase!
  2. No AAX? Kontakt version is $98 from 8dio? Not sure I want to go with the SoundPaint engine, but $5 versus $98 . . .
  3. I have some time to think about this one . . .
  4. Bad Penguin

    OTS Violin Bass

    Just curious as to how much are you really saving by waiting ~9 months for the next (maybe?) GroupBuy? Won't the list price then be $179 instead of the intro price of $139? Won't the cost of the "Evolution Complete Bundle upgrade" also increase after the intro period? And ~10% inflation? Maybe I am just bad at counting beans, but . . . "installed" (c) 2022 Bapu
  5. Just wondering how Realiwhistle ($29) would compare to VSL's Vienna Whistler (€ 30) plus the € 10 upgrade to the SYNCHRON-ized Whistler?
  6. Was just going to bite on the midi pack, and pass on the ezx. Still may do just that, but $28 makes it more tempting than $39 . . .
  7. ROCK! EZX USD89 USD39 HEAVY ROCK GROOVES USD29 USD10 Toontrack Weekend Deals
  8. Looks like I will finally be able to get (at an affordable price) that vst Theremin [based off of samples from a Moog Etherwave] I was wishing for !!!
  9. FYI Loops de la Creme Giveaway: mini LASCAUX KIT
  10. An update, for future reference: it is "Easy Theremin" from Loops de la Creme Easy Theremin - Loops de la Creme
  11. I guess their instruments are worth $40 each . . . only have their freebies for now Thinking about:
  12. I guess given the price differential and the inclusion of iLok, there must be a VERY BIG difference between xils-lab's version and cherry audio's version?
  13. I must be slow this morning . . . so $99 for RG-OI Core & Expansion Packs includes the engine, 3 expansion packs, and now 3 more (free) expansion packs. What does the $100 extra for RG COMBO PACKAGE & EXPANSION actually get me? Seems that I get the same engine plus the same 6 (3+3) expansion packs. Seems both versions also have the same 225 (non-expansion-pack) patches included. But maybe for $100 you are getting some extra patches?
  14. So what, if anything, does Shreddage3 Bundle get me that I can't get from OTS or NI?
  15. Purchased, but don't know if it was a smart decision. Already had Intro. Also previously got in on the V Collection 8 + SQ80 deal. Was hoping/waiting for a $99 upgrade to VC9. And then I go and purchase this for $29. Maybe VC9 for $69?!
  16. yeah, there's some good free ones, but am looking/willing-to-pay for a sampled etherwave vst.
  17. A few months ago, I was looking around for a theremin vst, and came across a (paid) product which stated that (some) of its sounds were sample-based, from a moog etherwave. Neglected to note which product it was. Looking now, can't seem to find that product, or perhaps more accurately, that statement. It could be that the product description was changed in the intervening time, and now no longer states this. Might even have been this Soundiron Theremin+. Pretty certain it was not the Stagecraft Theremin (which is also presently on sale). Hoping someone else may remember a publisher's claim that their Theremin product conatined samples from an etherwave, Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Discount code is ONE USE PER ACCOUNT
  19. @Greg Schlaepfer since i am an ots n00b, i'll ask . . . any (chance of) midi files being made available? [at least I won't be the first to ask] Evolution Rock Standard - Factory Presets Demo
  20. Within about 24 hours, went from OTS nothing to OTS everything (now a member of the OTS Bapu club) Thanx Greg !!!
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