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  1. Ok, I guess my standard question [in case I missed something] re the Alt-Rock ezx (which I see is "Recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio", and I am unable to find anything similar in the sdx's): Does not look like (yet?) Thomann has the Alt-Rock ezx on "CyberWeek Deal" for $21, like it does other BF ezx's . . . @Marshall I previously wound up having to purchase EZ-Bass second-hand. Got EZ-Bass and two midi packs for $99 (I guess the seller had to pay TT $45 in transfer fees đŸ˜Ĩ)
  2. Bad Penguin

    XILS Labs Sale!

    Nope, still no coupons being accepted after they cut it off.
  3. Bad Penguin

    Spitfire The Ton

    eh, may not be my best bf purchase, but picked up The Ton and Classics bundle, minus the recent $10 gc for $308. Just enough for the freebie Aperture Cassette Symphony. 12 new toys at an average cost of $25 each. I guess I could do worse . . .
  4. Was really hoping that someone would have these at $10 or less . . .
  5. Think the title to thread needs to be correct to: Drums on Demand Buy 1 Get 2 Additionally . . . there is an ~$130 difference between February and now . . . [My Co-Writer Backing Tracks with Multitrack & Multidrums are $130 each] As a polite reminder to those for whom this may matter: Back in Feb (the 28th?), IIRC this was buy-one-get-three-free. Don't know if it ever was better than that.
  6. Winner, winner, chicken dinner ! (BF selected sale items) Ezx's are $21, and EzKeys are $33 . . . didn't see the EzKeys midi packs . . .
  7. Are any of these 3 ezx's little siblings of sdx's? Trying to avoid duplication.
  8. Bad Penguin

    Spitfire The Ton

    ok, what defines a good Spitfire bf deal? iirc, many people were disappointed in last year's offering. was somewhat new to Spitfire, I purchased. so when was the most recent "good deal"? 2020? 2019? 2018? . . .
  9. Yes, I insta-purchased. Own everything Skybox. I am not capable of giving a review other than a simple "I love it!" I had (well, still have in storage somewhere) a 200A I purchased gently-preowned in the mid 80's. For the $35 price-point mentioned in this thread's survey, and "yes," it being a 145B, I don't think you can go wrong (especially since it is not as bulky/heavy lol !).
  10. WOW! BF pricing ($35) is much better than intro pricing!!! Skybox H&W EP 145B BF pricing = $35
  11. (1) There was a flash sale on Indiependent last year ?! And no one told me about it ?! What is this forum coming to ?! I see a post from Dec 2020 for $49, but I didn't have SD then. (2) A 20% increase on midi packs (from $10 --> $12) ?! (3) Waiting to see which TPR can do a little bit better. Looking at you GROUP FORUM, lol !!! EDIT --> (4) "Promotions will be switched off during the following business day, no later than 09:00 (CET)."
  12. I'm very, very, very happy with my purchase of Skybox Audio's Hammers + Waves - EP 145B I believe the intro price was about $49. Currently $79, but maybe back to $49 for BF? Simeon's video is available at: Let's Play The Legendary EP 145 B From Skybox Audio
  13. Very interested, but where is Dreamtonics based out of? They appear to be charging a flat 10% (sales?) tax, regardless of purchaser's location. Why do I wonder if they really are remitting this 10% surcharge to the proper taxing entities?
  14. Also curious, wouldn't mind saving an extra $15 . . .
  15. For me, having only the freebie (Little Radiator) knocked down the price of Soundtoys 5 from $229 to $219. Hey, I'll take an additional $10 savings . . .
  16. I was referring to impOSCAR . . . paid $65, now 29.99 GBP ~ $36 ☚ī¸
  17. Still don't see any upgrade option to AT Pro X perpetual . . .
  18. Yeah, I already have SQ80 V and Augmented Strings. Guess I could also try to resell . . . or wait for V Collection 10? Have to see what resale prices look like for those two . . .
  19. IIRC in very late June, on the Antares website it stated that if you purchased AT, you would be eligible for a free upgrade to the soon-to-be-relaeased version. I understood this to mean the perpetual version. Sadly, I purchased in mid-May and was informed that I was not eligible for the (eventual) free upgrade. Can't hold it against them, I guess they had to draw a line somewhere . . .
  20. I get the impression that they are really pushing subscriptions . . . but I also would be interested in a reasonably priced perpetual upgrade . . .
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