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  1. Broke down and spent the $39 for EZkeys
  2. I don't own EZ Keys, just SD and EZMix. 😐
  3. Ok, I'll be that person . . . Since I am new to the TT ecosystem, the EZkeys Modern Pop MIDI pack: Is it truly MIDI that can be used with non-TT software (e.g., Ableton), or is it some sort of "proprietary" MIDI data, which can only be used with TT EZ Keys? EDIT --> Nevermind, just put it in basket and this appeared
  4. Can anyone who has purchased Unify comment on the EULA with respect to how many computer it can be installed on concurrently, and how many times it can be installed? e.g. 2 computers concurrently (such as a laptop and a desktop) and 4 installs in case the drive/computer craps out and you have to reinstall, or you want to switch to a newer laptop/desktop. I have puase as the webpage for Cloud City vol. 1 has this wording PlugInGuru CloudCity V1 Does PlugInGuru mean "active authorizations" or "total authorizations"? Toontrack gives me a warm feeling, as they are willing to reset the "total authorizations" if I have really, really bad luck with drives/computers [or since Unify runs in each cpu core, grab a workstation with an AMD 3990 with 64 cores/128 threads] in the next few years:
  5. Heard back from Hexachords: Revenge of the Europeans, US customer is penalized 10€ / $11. Have to think about how I feel about this.
  6. Trying to order Orb Producer Suite 3 for 59€, and during checkout (when not logged in [to a US account]), it shows about 10€ in VAT. When logged in, price remains at 59€. Shouldn't it be ~49€? Maybe I should just buy it before Tuesday at 59€ and if they won't refund the VAT, then I can just get a full refund? Next stop, Captain Plugins . . .
  7. Could this, or something else useful, be done using Arturia V Collection?
  8. Scaler is above my paygrade, but I did download the demo for Sundog. Thanks, wasn't aware of that one!
  9. This is what I am going to do! Thanks everyone!
  10. I understand that each will have pros and cons, but "generally" for a n00b, which is "best"? Orb Producer Suite 3, $66 Audiomodern Suite, $112 Captain plugin bundle, $60
  11. Thanks for all the great responses! Sorry if this was answered and I didn't understand the answer. So, for Spitfire, the LABS are "unified" for free, but if someone want to "unify" BBCSO (including the free BBCSO Discover), then they have to pay for "DiscoverStation" (which will also do Core and Professional) ? Yes, also disappointed it is not being bundled with a library.
  12. I think I understand that Unify itself comes with patches/sounds, and there are 35(?) free [you need to own the specific Plug-In] "unified" libraries (brainworx, cherry audio, gforce, LABS). . . and then they are additionally trying to sell extra patches/sounds (Serum, Omnisphere, NI, BreakTweaker) but I am baffled by their selling of "DiscoverStation" for BBCSO. Is this just a paid version of "unification" while the LABS "unification" is free? So, if you don't own (m)any of the 35 free "unified" libraries, all you really are getting is a bunch of patches/sounds?
  13. Unify (Standard Edition) Unify sounds interesting, but even after going through the website, I really am uncertain at the end of the day what it actually does. Something about being able to layer patches from different plugins? But only for their listed "Master List of the our 35 Unified Libraries" ?
  14. Sorry for a TT n00bish ? If one purchases SD3, in addition to the SDX's, it can also play EZX's? At these prices, would it make any $en$e to (additionally) purchase EZX's for SD3? Or, just stick solely to SDX's? Do the EZX's on sale duplicate the SDX's (on sale)? [e.g., I think "Progressive" comes in both EZX and SDX versions. Uncertain about "Hip Hop" and "Big RocK"]
  15. A T&S rep told me that I had to purchase today. . .
  16. Historically, does SD3 do any better than a free SDX?
  17. What do people think? Supposedly this particular deal ends today, and I assume there will be different deals over the next few days. Does it get better than this?
  18. Huh?! How to resell my product / license ?
  19. Trying to learn the differences between Hexachords Orb Composer Pro S 1.5 ($169) and Orb Producer Suite 3 (~$120). . .
  20. I have (and grabbed) an offer to get FX Collection 2 for $69. I own a MiniLab MKii, AL Lite 4, V Collection 8 and Pigments 3. EDIT -> They are also offering me a price of $69 to purchase Analog Lab V, which is already included in VC8.
  21. I understand that this may be a busy time of the year. With that being said, I attempted to contact this company 3 times and nothing but crickets. Not the type of company I am willing to spend my money at.
  22. Might have to rethink my initial interest in Audiomodern Random Generators Bundle. . . thoughts on Playbeat
  23. Interested, but . . . Aren't Filterstep and Gatelab freebies? And didn't Audiomodern have a sale back in July for Chordjam / Playbeat / Riffer for $89? Audiomodern Chordjam, Playbeat and Riffer on sale at up to 40% OFF Really was hoping for something better than $89. . .
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