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  1. NOW I decide I am interested in Antares. Am I s-o-l until next BF, or will there be other decent sales throughout 2022? Apparently, in music, timing is everything, lol !
  2. Dare I ask how SoftTube/AmpRoom would compare to AudioAssault/ReAmp?
  3. Waddling late to the party, belated Happy B'day !
  4. Sorry to wander somewhat off topic. I would be interested in some MIDI groove files for SD3. PS states Is this really possible? That the MIDI grooves could be formatted for so many, and still be "good"? I understand that with SD3 the velocities are hard to get right, and most non-TT MIDI files for SD3 are lacking. Although, "everyone" seems to "always" be looking for PS / Joe Barresi Evil Drums for SDX. Did TT get PS to stop selling these? Does anyone but TT make SDX's for SD3?
  5. I don't understand PA pricing, but they're selling the VSM-3 by itself for $69 (-$20) . . . although I've heard at times it could be had for $29 Already used survey voucher, thanks!
  6. Yay or Nay? $69 - $20 = $49 Better pricing possible, based upon previous sales?
  7. bx_subsynth for $14.99 ! Would I also need PA bass_mint, or does bx_subsynth / ssl native drumstrip have that covered also?
  8. Seems the new freebie at AD is: iZotope Ozone 9 Elements ☹️
  9. Used, thank you so much! Happy Holidays!
  10. And that's how they "get" you, need $10, not $9 or $7, lol ! I'll update as I find 'em: Zero-G: Lounge Factory - Downbeat Busines
  11. Wish it were an $89 min spend . . . wouldn't mind picking up an SDX for $69 . . .
  12. audiodeluxe Code HOLIDAYS21 takes off up to 15%. For SynthStack2 and CA Year Two collection, takes off 10% from each. Free MFreeformAnalogEq As previously mentioned by Lars, freebie should change on 12/25. Don't know when HOLIDAYS21 code will expire.
  13. Went over to the Dark Side (they have cookies), and purchased. About 1 hour left for the deal. Watched the video: (1) noted that this particular EZX has an atypically larger mixer than is usually found on "standard" EZXs, (2) contained a number of MIDI grooves and (3) crash cymbals placed on some drums. Product Demo: Toontrack Claustrophobic EZX
  14. Doesn't seem like Claustrophobic is getting much love, thinking about passing . . .
  15. For a hobbyist with SD3 & EZmix2? I guess for $20, you can't go wrong, I understand SSL is good stuff . . .
  16. Well, LOL, we knew it wasn't going to be an EZBass deal, LOL !!! 🤪
  17. So, is there really anything "special" about Claustrophobic? Was really hoping for an SDX today Prefer to not start accumulating EZXs, unless: (1) there is no corresponding SDX; (2) the EZX comes with MIDI drum files; (3) the price is "right" and (4) there is something "special" about it. Claustrophobic seems to not have a corresponding SDX and TT website indicates In a previous thread @Matthew Sorrels noted: Here's my list of those overlaps So, Claustrophobic: pass or play?
  18. Thank you for those answers! Just want to be certain about: Can you also redeem Loyalty Points or discount codes at the same time as the gift card? I used the gift card to purchase TT Americana, and for whatever reason, was unable to use discount code "zerogfree" for Ethera Gold Lite.
  19. Really was hoping that they would notice, and respond to, these questions in their own thread
  20. So, only one gift card can be redeemed per order? Can you also redeem Loyalty Points or discount codes at the same time as the gift card? I understand that usually it is either loyalty points or discount code, not both. Don't know how gift cards factor into that equation. I would"think" they don't, but you know all about "assuming" . . .
  21. Toontrack EZkeys Synth-Pop MIDI Pack - $10
  22. Just curious, on day 3 of 12, if there is any update to the "12 Days of Christmas" promo for the 10% discount on gift cards? Is the gift recipient allowed to use more than one gift card at a time (e.g., 2 x $50)? And also use, at the same time, another code, such as "zerogfree"? Do gift card purchases qualify as an entry for the Prize Giveaway?
  23. LOL! Anyway, listened to a few of the audio demos, is it just me or more-or-less does this only just add varying degrees of reverb?
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