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  1. I've always liked Pelican, and am constantly seeking out deals for used ones (found a 1690 with the lid organizer for $100). A local ArmyNavy had these ventilator 1620's for $99. Picked up 2. Very happy with my purchase.
  2. Does anyone know what the situation would be if I do purchase both the Guitar bundle and the Electric bundle? They each include Rubber Bridge. So, I would possess two licenses for Rubber Bridge? Does OTS allow for licenses to be resold/transferred? Or, because Rubber Bridge is being purchased in "bundles," will I not be allowed to sell Rubber Bridge individually?
  3. Thinking about Evolution Guitar Bundle, Evolution Electric Bundle and the Famous E. Maybe the Bluegrass Banjo. Penguins are notoriously bad at math 😱; so trying to play around with the numbers to see how best to structure these purchases, with my existing 170 orange slices.
  4. So far, unhappy penguin . . . One year ago today: Orange Tree Samples 2021 Group Buy
  5. OTS group buy on 6/21/22 ?
  6. That seems to work with a $14 product. Had 2 products (many different combinations), about $34, ready to pay about $9, and no go.
  7. That is my theory too; create a bunch of buzz on reddit, cakewalk, vic and other usual suspects, then cut it off after a certain number of redemptions. This way they know in advance the "cost" of this "advertisement."
  8. Tried various combinations of products. Have no idea of what the purported terms and conditions of the code are. Seems like bait-and-switch to me. 👎
  9. The answer, at least for me, seemingly is: "No" to Mello-Fi, as I received the first license for free; so while I technically will have two licenses, neither can be transferred. "Yes" to Fragments, since I purchased the first license individually. So, if I upgrade, I will have two Fragments licenses, and I am allowed to sell/transfer the individual license, to offset some of the cost of the FXC2 --> FXC3 Just in case this matters to anyone.
  10. Already have FX2, Fragments & Mello-Fi. If I purchase FX3, would I get duplicate licenses (that I can resell) for Fragments/Mello-Fi?
  11. Also will NOT work with Bundles So much for "ALL PRODUCTS" . . .
  12. Just tried again, created a new account, tried to log in, log in failed, but now a password reset seems to work. So, I guess "yes", about 45 seconds when things (almost) work as they should . . . Really frustrating experience from someone who wants to sell me software for money . . . I hope their "musical tools" aren't this buggy
  13. 3 days trying to create an account / login. No response from them. Is this a "real" company, or just some "fly-by-night" operator in their basement/garage?
  14. Have been trying for 2 days to create an account (have no idea if I've been successful), login (never have been successful) and reset my password (never have been successful). Have contacted them, no response. Not a good way to introduce oneself to potential new customers. ☹️
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