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  1. Almost the same here. Auto-Tune Pro to Auto-Tune Pro 11, $87.50. I think my version is 9, not X: Auto-Tune Pro Vocal Studio (Pro + AVOX 4). Deal or No Deal ?
  2. I am really trying to keep my drum purchases limited to sdx's . . . please help me with this (after the above 2 endorsements) and tell me this ezx does not come with any midi files (tt website doesn't indicate any) . . .
  3. DREAM POP EZKEYS MIDI - $12 DREAM MACHINE EKX - $36 DREAM POP EZX - $36 https://www.toontrack.com/weekend-deals/ At BestService DREAM POP EZKEYS MIDI - $11.09 [Sadly, product specific code] DREAM MACHINE EKX - $33.28 DREAM POP EZX - $33.28
  4. I assume that if this is what is to happen, then any unused generic drum-midi-pack codes would still be valid (for midi-drum-packs) when the generic multi-product-midi-pack codes are introduced . . .
  5. CAUTION EDIT ---> Generic drum-midi-pack code finally arrived.
  6. Ok, I don't know if I'm "allowed" to share a personal observation or not, but here it goes . . . While purchasing drum midi pack "backbeats" from BestService, rather than sending me a code for "backbeats" they send me a GENERIC drum midi pack code. Seemingly from the TT ProductManager, I could select ANY drum midi pack, even those that are labeled as "new" (and likely won't go sale for a long time). Seemingly if you were to place six (6) separate orders [personally, I would NOT risk ordering more than 1 at a time in case they send you "backbeats" specific codes], you would have the equivalent of a @Bapu drum-midi-6-pack for about $67. YMMV. Apologies if I should have kept this to myself.
  7. At BestService: BACKBEATS MIDI - $11.09 ROCK SOLID EZX - $33.28 BASIC ROCK EZKEYS MID - $11.09 At Thomann ROCK SOLID EZX - $33.00 (Apparently, they don't offer those midi packs?) JRRshop Appears full price, no sale prices (as of yet?) EDIT--> Sale pricing now appearing! BACKBEATS MIDI - $12 ROCK SOLID EZX - $36 BASIC ROCK EZKEYS MID - $12 NOTE: "Coupon codes are not available for this product"
  8. $195.97 How do I search for ~$5 filler ?
  9. Sorry that I didn't notice the original post . . . $58 certainly seems like a deal, sad that its $77 now . . . 🙁
  10. You guys received a voucher for NI stuff? Don't see that in my e-mail, but do see one for izotope Would be interested in the UVI bundle for $149
  11. I can't say with certainty. In iLok I see my original v4 (Revoice Pro 4 [1 of 2 activations used / no expiration date listed]), and then I also see a new "group" (Revoice Pro 5 upgrade from Revoice Pro 4 - E (2)) which contains both Revoice Pro 4 [0 of 2 activations used / no expiration date listed] and Revoice Pro 5 [0 of 2 activations used / no expiration date listed]. I'll eventually get around to activating the new purchase.
  12. Yes, sorry. @TheSteven was correct. The serial number / unlock code, showed up in my account the next morning.
  13. Day 5, Friday 12/15, The Sixties EBX, $71 @ TT, $65.63 @ BestService Day 5, Friday 12/15, Sixties Pop EZbass MIDI, $10 @ TT, $9.24 @ BestService
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