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  1. Yeah, no tax for me at DLsite/Eclipsed . . . but the "random" tax at Dreamtonics is (one reason) why I am avoiding them and hoping someone else will sell the license keys for Wiena
  2. Just noticed this on the DLsite product page for Kevin:
  3. Thanks! When it updates to 1.8.0b1 do we get a free voice bank, AI Mai? Or is that only for those who purchase directly from Dreamtonics? Is it possible to store the Voicebanks on an external (ssd) drive, or does it all go to c : \
  4. Ok, think I got it to work at DLsite. Was initially declined. My bank's fraud dept sent an automated message. I indicated that I did authorize the (declined) charge. Decided to try again because, what the hay. Very (pleasantly) surprised that the charge was then accepted! 🙂 Think about $85 for Studio Pro + Kevin !!! Downloaded (zip files), but have not yet tried to install. @pseudopop I see that there are 3 (?!) serial numbers for each Studio Pro and Kevin? Any other install tips?
  5. If I "had" to, could I install this (how many GBs for full install?) on to a 1TB sdxc card, with ~200MB/s read speed? Better off installing on a 14TB spinner (~140MB/s read)? Painful ?
  6. Yuppers, they never responded to my inquiry about this . . .
  7. Probably does not need to be said, but here it is anyway:
  8. $260 @ Thomann https://www.thomannmusic.com/cherry_audio_synth_stack_3.htm
  9. Apparently, extended to December 4. Change thread title?
  10. So, let me see if I understand . . . If one has SD3 (and therefore does not need/want to use Jamstix built-in kits) and SD midi files [which are already created via a human drummer?]: Jamstix will import the SD midi files; "humanize" the SD midi file [improv/fills ?]; and then create a new/modified Jamstix midi file which has now been "humanized" and the "humanized" Jamstix midi file can then be exported/saved? This is all about "humanization"? Or, am I missing (a lot of) something?
  11. Any such thing as orchestral "deep" midi files?
  12. As per my above, I don't think so, but don't take a penguin's word on stuff like this, lol ! Was really hoping that like the other BF ezx's, Thomann or someone else would have this at ~$21 vice $27. Seems a no-go. This is the only remaining item from TT that I have yet to purchase from their offerings, and likely will be my last purchase of BF/CM.
  13. Ok, i went for it. But seriously, I have to ask. With 1TB for this, 1TB for ToonTrack, 1TB for IKM TSM3.5, plus all other vst's, an OS . . . how do you store all of this for (ssd) laptop access? Only one Thunderbolt/USB-C port [from what I understand, you can't have a "hub" for them]. Have to use a spinner hdd? I guess there are laptops with multiple m2 2280 slots, mine only has one. New laptop, lol ?!
  14. I see this is the "Diamond" edition, so I guess that implies that there are different level editions? Diamond is at the top?
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