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  1. My audio engine just stops. Then I have to: 1. Close CW 2. Go to Task Manager and end task, since CW will not fully close by itself 3. Delete AUD.ini and TTSSEQ.ini 4. Launch CW 5. Reconfigure audio and MIDI I/O When I was in the business, I used Sonar all day long with many plug-ins and GigaStudio running on a much less powerful machine than I have now. I have no idea what's causing the instabilities. I hope there's a solution. I've only been using CW for a couple days and the crashes or sudden loss of audio engine happen several times an hour.
  2. MitchNC

    No MIDI input

    Found out that I also have to delete AUD.ini or the engine won't start.
  3. I got it! Sonar was still hanging out in the background. I had to End Task. It was tying up the drivers. As soon as I did this Cakewalk was able to configure them.
  4. MitchNC

    No MIDI input

    So it turns out I have to delete the TTSSEQ.ini file every time I run Cakewalk or I have no MIDI. I guess if that's what I have to do I'll do it. But I don't believe that's intended behavior.
  5. Mark, I tried this and it didn't help. When I switch to ASIO the input/output device list is empty. Stone, Home-built DAW. Win 10 Home 64-bit AMD Ryzen 5 CPU 16 GB RAM ATI Radeon HD 5870 GPU Two SATA HDDs Using a Yamaha MOXF8 as MIDI keyboard.
  6. I'm using Steinberg Yamaha USB driver. It worked great the other day when I was getting things started. Now if I try to switch from MME (which has unacceptable latency) I have no audio inputs or outputs. I've been working on this since yesterday, scouring hundreds of posts, Edit: I learned how to set the ASIO driver to non-exclusive, so I did that. That didn't help anything.
  7. MitchNC

    Cakewalk won't launch

    I noticed that Cakewalk crashes a lot when tracks are deleted. I kept having to close it in Task Manager and restart. Now Bandlab assistant won't launch it, and I can't launch the .EXE, even as administrator.
  8. MitchNC

    No MIDI input

    MIDI Echo was always enabled, as part of my troubleshooting before ever posting here. I tried a hundred things. It was the .ini file that did it. Now on to the next issue...
  9. MitchNC

    No MIDI input

    O holy cow. I did this yesterday, but apparently I must have copied the INI file and didn't delete the original I just did this and it works! Thank you so much. Is this something I'll have to do from time to time?
  10. MitchNC

    No MIDI input

    Boy did I pick the wrong time to get back into it. Or maybe the right time? I've been a Cakewalk/Sonar user since floppies. I've been out of it for a few years. After pulling out my hair trying to get Sonar to work on my new PC I installed Cakewalk by Bandlab. Here's my issue. My keyboard is a Yamaha MOXF8. I'm using the latest Steinberg/Yamaha USB driver. When I create an instrument and MIDI track, I get no MIDI input activity on the meters. However I DO get the little flashing lights in the systray MIDI icon. As an addition check I can run MIDI OX and show that all my MIDI data is being received from the keyboard. I can use the mouse on the GUIs of the various VSTs and the notes play. I can paste midi data into the MIDI track and it plays through the VST just fine. I can also step sequence and it plays fine. I'm just getting no MIDI input between the OS and Cakewalk (Wow, it's hard not to type Sonar). I'm using Win 10 64-bit. I have the latest Steinberg drivers, and I have uninstalled/reinstalled them just as a check. I have MIDI echo enabled. I have rebooted the PC and keyboard many, many times over the past 24 hours. Edit: I also removed my WiFi adapter and closed all other apps. Here's the thing: IT WORKED YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! It stopped working in the middle of a session and hasn't worked since. Anyone have a magic bullet that I'm just not seeing? Sweetwater says switch to Cubase. But I've been a loyal Cakewalk user since before Ted Perlman was talking about Celery.
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