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  1. This is a bit beyond my budget. Do you think a pair of open back headphones would be good enough? (I'm just making music for a relatively simple rhythm game in the Unity Game Engine that I plan to release on Steam.)
  2. How exactly can I do this? Or where can I learn how to do this? Btw, thanks for replying!
  3. Thanks for the reply! Do you know how professionals make sure that sound enhancers don't totally mess the way their song sounds?
  4. Hey, thanks for replying! Am I understanding you correctly that professional music artists make their music without audio enhancements, and then release it not worrying about how various audio enhancers might totally mess up the sound?
  5. Hey Everyone! I noticed that whenever I exported a song that I made in Cakewalk as a wav file, it was very bass heavy and muffled. Everything sounded fine in Cakewalk, though. I managed to track the source of the problem to the Windows audio "enhancements", and turning them off makes all of my songs sound the same in and out of Cakewalk. Which leads me to my question: Should I make the song in Cakewalk and totally ignore how it sounds with the audio enhancements (thus making it sound nice for people who don't have the enhancements turned on, but probably pretty bad for those who do.) Or, do I change the way my song sounds in Cakewalk so that it sounds good with the audio enhancements, making it sound less good without them. Ideally, I would like my music to sound great for everyone, so I'm not sure what I should do. Thanks!
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