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  1. Thanks everyone for your help and comments ,Iv been using cakewalk for a long time in fact since it very first started With the error code generated its the TLS 1and 2 that is the problem. Probably just download direct from now on ,this never ever happened in the past I guess there's always something nothing ever runs smooth .
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    Hi i run Cakewalk by bandlab on my old windows 7 64bit machine ,iv run it for years with out a problem But for some reason the latest Assistant will not update Cakewalk by bandlab And when i launch cakewalk and go to help ,check for updates i get Win HTTP send request12175:A Security error occurred, very frustrating I,v looked into this and have tried everything the only way i,v managed to get an update is to use an earlier version of Bandlab Assistant Its just a ridiculous situation .
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