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  1. just a Kronos withouth Karma and less hardware control, it seems a second hand Kronos is a better deal 🤔.
  2. of course, If i want to use it to control a VST I just set an instrument track with the VST and set the input of this track to the modx. Again be careful with which channel you have selected in the modx, because if you set the VST set to listen to channel 1, and you have selected the 2nd part on the modx, the modx transmits on the 2nd channel; is better to select the first part or the name of the performance. This is one quirk of the modx that I don't like, besides that you can't set the midi channel of a part, it is fixed.
  3. Well, i better tell you how I use it... I installed yamaha modx drivers first as I do use MIDI through USB. I don't use the modx as an audio interface, I connect the audio outputs to an interface (alesis multimix) and from there I record audio to cakewalk. In cakewalk I have enabled the Modx in MIDI devices (input and output for modx1, it also appears modx2 and modx3, you dont need those) so I can see those in the new midi tracks. That way each track in cakewalk has a midi channel assigned for recording and playback. One thing to consider is that the MODX is always in performance mode, and some sounds use more than 1 midi channel, that means that you have to have a midi channel for each part in the performance, depending in how you have set the midi mode in the modx, for that part is better to read this link. to record the audio, I set up an additional audio channel and use the input from my interface corresponding to the modx.
  4. I have a MODX, and record with it no problems... you don't specify if you can't record midi or audio, how are you connecting to the audio interface ? or are you using the modx as an audio interface? ... please provide those details so we can help you.
  5. well.. one can dream 😜
  6. would that upgrade work with syntronik free?
  7. Hello everyone, I hope someone can help me with this: I have cakewalk connected to an audio interface (alesis multimix), and also two synthesizers that work as an audio interface, so in practice I have 3 interfaces plus ASIO4ALL... Is there a way to start cakewalk with an audio interface/ASIO driver preselected? For example have a shortcut to start normally, and another shortcut to start with one of my synth's audio interface selected? Thanks!
  8. I just signed up to thank you for this amazing plugin! I use mainly hardware synths with cakewalk and this is really useful. May I suggest an idea for a new plugin? some kind of LFO to control midi parameters (cutoff, volume, panning, etc.) is lacking in cakewalk, and a MFX is perfect for this, I've tried to do this with VSTs and is really cumbersome to make it work. thanks again!
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