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  1. Sean Nelms

    Akai MPK225 setup

    Here are my settings. I have tried all the controllers listed with no difference. attached are images of what my settings look like. I am still unable to get it to learn midi. thank you again for your help.
  2. Sean Nelms

    Akai MPK225 setup

    Thank you for the response. I have it set up exactly this way. I followed the video you posted to the letter. the problem is when i try to map anything using the midi learn nothing happens. i turn the knob and it does noting. I have reset the controller and started from scratch in Cakewalk. nothing happens.
  3. Sean Nelms

    Akai MPK225 setup

    I am using Version 2021.06, windows 10, Akai MPK225. I am trying to get this controller (MPK225) to work with cakewalk. I set everything up and the keyboard portion works fine. none of the control surface works though, eg knobs, start/stop, pads etc. I have searched everywhere and don't see a solution posted anywhere. Is there a solution to this? do i need to custom map every function? if so how? Thank you
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