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  1. Thank you all for your responses and assistance. This has now be resolved. I still don't know what was flaky with my installation of cakewalk, but as of the most recent update, its all back to working the way it's supposed to.
  2. Forgot to mention that I have updated to the latest version.
  3. Hello John & Chris, and Thank you for replying. I apologize for the late response, but I've been out of town with a family emergency. I can solo the two instances of kontact, but whenever I try to solo a MIDI track, EVERYTHING gets muted.
  4. Greetings all. I seem to have lost the ability to solo a single MIDI track. I have a song I've been working on for a while with no issues. I've been able to solo any track I wanted to. Then all of a sudden yesterday, I cannot solo any MIDI track. I can mute them, but when I try to solo them, EVERYTHING is muted (but the mute buttons aren't lit). This only applies to MIDI tracks. I CAN solo the two instances of kontact I have in the project. Has anyone experienced this?
  5. Greetings all. I searched the forums, and didn't find any instances for this issue. Using Cakewalk Version 2021.06 (Build 058, 64 bit), and Kontact Version 6.6.0 (R133). I've added a Kontact Simple Instrument Track, and armed the track, at which time, the "Record" indicator in the track lights up, and also the "Arm/Disarm All Tracks" indicator in the Mix Module at the top of the window. I successfully record a passage, and then disarm record in the track. HOWEVER, the "Arm/Disarm All Tracks" indicator in the Mix Module will not disarm, as if Cakewalk thinks a track is still armed. In this condition, any other attempt at recording, effectively doubles on top of the previously recoded passage. I've been using Cakewalk for a great while, but I am VERY new to Kontact. Am I screwing something up, or is my instance of cakewalk flaky? Has anyone experienced this? Any and all suggestions, are welcomed, and appreciated.
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