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  1. @fogle622 I genuinely appreciate you for taking the time to give me such honest and constructive feedback. I will definitely try to learn from commercials and find a good speed to speak at. After you made your first reply, I played back one of my videos at 0.75 speed and it really helped me appreciate how going so fast was actually making it hard to fully grasp what I was saying. Thank you very much, I'm glad you mentioned all of this. I hope to be much more mindful of my cadence because of our conversation.
  2. Thank you very much @fogle622, it did take a lot of curation of information to get it down to this. It's funny that you ask, a lot of people say I talk really fast but I don't increase the speed of the audio playback. I do, however, record the voiceover separate from the video and cut out mess-ups, pauses, and other things to keep things straight to the point. It's quite the tedious process but I don't have an audio interface to allow me to record clean audio as I record so it's really the only way I can make videos as of right now. Thanks for asking, I'm glad you enjoyed the video.
  3. In this tutorial, I go over what you'll need to know about using Cakewalk by Bandlab. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! One bonus tip I didn't mention in the video; you can use your computer keyboard as a MIDI controller by going to the menu bar at the top > Views > Virtual Keyboard > Computer Keyboard.
  4. This is a pretty big problem I found in the software and I don't really understand why it's there. Being able to permanently delete something without it going to the recycle bin is kind of dangerous. I think a solution to send it to the recycle bin should be considered, thanks!