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  1. Hey @JoeGBradford thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed! It's cool to know you learned a lot even though you used to use Sonar. Thanks for the feedback too, I am trying to slow down and do think I will make a video about Cakewalk again.
  2. Hey @Gary Shore, thank you! Are you looking for software like Cakewalk or are you looking for tutorials?
  3. Hey @Tony Race Graham, you know, admitting to pirating something and apologizing is a good thing to do. I hope you can get away from pirating entirely (if you do more). AND you decided to leave it for a legitimately free option, so good for you! I'm glad you enjoyed the video, I hope you enjoy Cakewalk too. As for your mic, you would need to go into the preferences menu > Audio > Playback & recording and set your Driver Mode to MME (32-bit), which should support your USB mic. If not, try the other ones, they may work and it will tell you if it's not supported. Then, go to the playlist and make an audio track. Go to the input options (the option below "Clips") and to MME Devices. Select whether you want MONO or Stereo and then press the record button on the track, then when you're ready, press the main record button on the transport bar on the top of the DAW.
  4. Hmm, I'm not really sure what could cause this. Try doing it without opening the plugin, the track may need to be the last thing clicked, I'm not sure though. You may also need to change your driver mode in the preferences menu under MIDI > Playback & Recording. You will need to close all your projects before you can change it (while still keeping the DAW open). To do that there is an "x" button below the main "X" button on the top right.
  5. @MusicMan11712 (aka Dr. Steve) Hey Steve, thank you very much for the feedback. I appreciate you for breaking down what your thoughts are on the video while at the same time explaining a possible solution to it. With your polite honesty, I find this is good advice and given in a great way. I completely agree with you though on the speed, I look back at my videos and think it's just a bit too fast to fully understand and absorb the information. I think I will have to keep the entire video at a slower pace instead of picking up though, I might lose some people by doing that. Best, Jake
  6. @Gaurav Verma Are you using the record button on the MIDI track directly? Also, you won't be able to, samples from the Bandlab App are exclusively available for use in that program.
  7. @fogle622 I genuinely appreciate you for taking the time to give me such honest and constructive feedback. I will definitely try to learn from commercials and find a good speed to speak at. After you made your first reply, I played back one of my videos at 0.75 speed and it really helped me appreciate how going so fast was actually making it hard to fully grasp what I was saying. Thank you very much, I'm glad you mentioned all of this. I hope to be much more mindful of my cadence because of our conversation.
  8. Thank you very much @fogle622, it did take a lot of curation of information to get it down to this. It's funny that you ask, a lot of people say I talk really fast but I don't increase the speed of the audio playback. I do, however, record the voiceover separate from the video and cut out mess-ups, pauses, and other things to keep things straight to the point. It's quite the tedious process but I don't have an audio interface to allow me to record clean audio as I record so it's really the only way I can make videos as of right now. Thanks for asking, I'm glad you enjoyed the video.
  9. In this tutorial, I go over what you'll need to know about using Cakewalk by Bandlab. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! One bonus tip I didn't mention in the video; you can use your computer keyboard as a MIDI controller by going to the menu bar at the top > Views > Virtual Keyboard > Computer Keyboard.
  10. This is a pretty big problem I found in the software and I don't really understand why it's there. Being able to permanently delete something without it going to the recycle bin is kind of dangerous. I think a solution to send it to the recycle bin should be considered, thanks!
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