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  1. I have made the tour of the MIDI controllers likely to be used with CAKEWALK: compatibilities, functionalities, malfunctions, user comments, etc ... My conclusion is that finally, few controllers work correctly with CAKEWALK! And clearly no manufacturer is interested in the many users of this DAW, preferring the compatibility to ABLETON and other competing products. Those that could work do not evolve (ROLAND A-300 / A-500 / A-800). Those which are advertised as being able to operate with a very reasonable price (KORG nano for example) have multiple imperfections making the tool impractical. As well as those which are sold much more expensive. Finally, if the effort to improve compatibility with CAKEWALK does not come from the manufacturers of controllers, and it is little to say that it is really slow to materialize, is it not up to BANDLAB to react and '' improve the software's compatibility with equipment already on the market? Personally, the confusion that has reigned for several years between hardware and software, despite the existence of a standard called MIDI, revolts me: improving the compatibility of materials between them ultimately means making their use more affordable. for everyone. So why do the opposite? ... The USB interface is a good example of widespread and rather successful compatibility: you buy hardware with a USB plug and you know how much you can get to work with it. Unfortunately, this is far from the case with MIDI sockets ... Why so many hassles? !! Cordially. A passionate french user who publicly expresses his exaperation. (thanks to Google Translator...)
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