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  1. No, it was part of Protools Inner Circle (July or August) But I do not know if they still include it now or if it was only a time-limited freebie
  2. Did you get also UJAM – Virtual Guitarist SPARKLE? In July they included it but I do not know if they still give it for free now
  3. I would contact 8dio directly and ask them, I bought Requiem some months ago and got v1.3. Maybe you bought it long time ago and you are been still given an old download link to the v1.1 but surely they will update the link for you to the latest v1.3 if you let them know; as far as I know v1.1. to v1.3 was never announced as a paid update.
  4. I have received a $10/10€ coupon from UVI but I do not have any intention of using it, if anybody wants it let me know. P.S.: might work or not on other account, I do not know
  5. Tried endless "deauthorize-authorize-restore purchases" combinations and finally got it sorted. This is the only way it worked for me, only in this exact order fixed it for me: 1- Deauthorize Syntronik 1 2- Deauthorize Syntronik 2 3- ONLY re-authorize Syntronik 2 (if it went well, you should see that Syntronik 1 automatically gets authorized as well) 4- Restore purchases on Custom Shop 5- Done (at least for me) - as a side note, if you installed your IK products in a different path than the default one, add it to the configuration of Syntronik 2 and rebuild the database
  6. It is quite sad seeing that even after posting and tagging @Peter - IK Multimedia for help, he posts jokes in the thread and replies to other jokes but avoids giving an answer to a customer asking a simple question; also upsetting finding that gentle users form this forum are actively dedicating more effort and time providing support to a customer than the company that is cashing in money. Thanks @Doug Rintoul, thanks @mibby
  7. I seem to be trapped in the abysm of the no-replies, 2 times through customer support forms and here through the forum but no way to get an answer. Seems to be quite an odyssey to get some customer support from IKM.
  8. @Peter - IK MultimediaAs a customer, what is the correct way to get in touch with customer support? I have tried twice through the form at https://www.ikmultimedia.com/contact-us/ without any response.
  9. For who might wonder if this would qualify for the IK Group Buy; it does not... at least, it did not work for me.
  10. fadffy

    UVI Drum Replacer

    Freaking oscillating prices!! I bought it a couple of weeks ago with a 30% off promo resulting in 70 bucks total and thought I was getting a bargain.😡
  11. According to my Kaspersky Total Security 2021, 8dio website is infected by a trojan script right now. Beware if any of you are purchasing from 8dio now, wait until their developers fix the infection. Kaspersky warning message: Prevented downloading of a dangerous object Prevented downloading of a malicious file or other object designed to infect your computer with malware that will slow it down, break the system or lead to other problems. You were protected from downloading this object by Kaspersky security. You can close this window with no risk. Hide details Detected at: 9/10/2021 4:56:42 PM Web address: https://8dio.com/ Reason: object is infected HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic
  12. Those suckers owe me 5 purchased licensed; in 1 week it will be 1 year since I bought the licenses and they never delivered. Phone calls, emails, letters, never received a single license of those 5 - nor the paid money back. If I were you I would put my hard end money on any other shop with a trustworthy reputation. Doing some quick research online, I seem not to be the only one robbed by them: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/bax-shop.co.uk?stars=1 https://www.trustpilot.com/review/bax-shop.de?stars=1 https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.bax-shop.nl?stars=1 https://www.trustpilot.com/review/bax-shop.es?stars=1 https://www.trustpilot.com/review/bax-shop.it?stars=1 https://www.trustpilot.com/review/bax-shop.fr?stars=1
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