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  1. The TAB Button don`t work, for to found the transcients. ☚ī¸
  2. It leaves it as when you insert a new track, that is, it also deletes your automations.
  3. @Milton Sica Your suggestion would be very useful, here is another trick to do it (video in the link) https://imgur.com/a/GorqPeH
  4. @Noel Borthwick Sorry, here I see a video in GIF: https://imgur.com/a/kG1c96E I am attaching the GIF with the bug:
  5. This is strange behavior when deleting a part of the song using the arranger track. It deleted some markers outside the select zone (INTRO 2). I attach a video at this link: https://imgur.com/a/kG1c96E
  6. @Noel Borthwick Adjunta el archivo de minivolcado o un enlace de Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d06cy8tn5nvcnij/prueba_04242021_093412.dmp?dl=0 prueba_04242021_093412.dmp
  7. Strange video behavior in the window of opening a Virtual instrument.
  8. Thanks for all the support, installed without problems and testing! 👍
  9. I would like to configure Input Quantize on several MIDI channels at the same time, perhaps in the same way that you can load the same plug in on several tracks (selecting the tracks and with Ctrl pressed).
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