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  1. Based on your Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 avatar, I figured you'd have Cyclone hanging around, but maybe not. 🚧
  2. What you can do is drag the MIDI track out of AD and then use it to trigger a different instrument that contains your own samples.
  3. Ok, but I don't want Cakewalk by Bandlab over writing my SPLAT files or directories. How do you ensure that it doesn't do that?
  4. I finally decided to try Cakewalk by Bandlab. I've launched the installer, but the installer will not allow me to override the default locations for Shared Folders, VST Plugins, and Cakewalk content. Is there a way to override these default locations? I want use my D;\ drive instead of C:\ drive for installation. Before someone asks whether I have chosen "Advanced Installation" yes, I have chosen "Advanced Installation." Thanks in advance.
  5. I just bought the Wave V Series plugins that are modeled after classic Neve bus compressor and channel eqs. Does anyone know if there are skins for these plugins that make them look like the actual Neve devices? I have found various user skins for some Waves plugins, but I have yet to find user skins for the V series. Thanks!
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