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  1. I'm using Sonar Platinum. I found everything except how to associate a midi track with a virtual instrument. Thanks - rev
  2. I'm sure I can solve this by reinstalling. Does anyone know how I can reinstall just the Sonitus effects or completely reinstall Sonar (8.5.3) without losing all my plugs? I've got about 130 and it's been a really long, tedious task getting everything authorized, I don't think I could face going through it all again. Or, does anyone know how to find out what the conflicting program is? Thanks - rev
  3. Clean Audio Folder > When I press Find to discover audio files not in use, it tries and then stops responding. Consolidate Audio Project > A dialog tells you what it's about to do but clicking OK results in nothing, not even and error. Anyone seen this before or have a suggestion? Thanks - rev
  4. I was about to reinstall but I couldn't find my source disks. Thanks - rev
  5. BitFlipper @#$% You old dog, many years no chat. Yours were the first Sonar user's songs I checked out when I was new, maybe 20 years ago? Glad to see you're still kicking. It just so happens that I tried Why So Slow, it says I have a fast system that's running well so no help really. >raise the buffer size to the maximum supported by the interface Via the ASIO Panel? Nothing obvious reported by LatencyMon >We all spent quality time with 8.5 John: I tried CW by Bandlab and I couldn't solve the latency issue. I have Studio One v4, which works fine but I have an older rock musical in Sonar and I'd rather not move everything.
  6. >Used it for a decade but seriously just upgrade to CBB Sacrilege sir! This is 8.5.3, the revered version. It's been working fine on Win 10 until win 10 updates began to mess with my settings. In trying to get back to where I was, I tried a reset on the MOTU Traveler. Then I got a sample rate mismatch, all the ins and outs don't light up anymore and I have to RTFM! It drops out but I have enough resources, maybe a timing master mismatch...?
  7. I should know this one but I haven't seen it for years. I press the Spacebar and the cursor takes 6 or 7 seconds to respond. It manages to play a few measures before dropout. Opening a project takes a long time, so does Exporting audio, Mixing down audio, pretty much everything. VLC and Audacity both work fine. I/O Buffers are both at 256 and the ASIO panel is set to 512. No activity on the CPU because there's almost nothing in the project. Latest MOTU Traveler driver, and latest NVIDIA GeForce 710 driver. Drive Indexing is off, the machine never sleeps. I'm desperate for a solution! Any suggestion welcome. Thanks - rev Asus Z390E Rog Strix mobo, Quad Core 3.33 Intel chip, 32 RAM, Windows 10 1963
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