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  1. I have found far to many problems with CbB, hence I'll always stick to using Sonar X3, I've NEVER had any problems such as what's being presented here, with Sonar X3, but I keep reading how CbB is getting buggier and buggier the more I read about it in this forum, which is making me more dubious at using it as my primary DAW.
  2. I hear people say that CbB is superior to Sonar X3, I don't think so, there are so many things that can be done in X3 that cannot be done in CbB, for one, can CbB drag and drop audio files into the track window without manually creating a track? NO!, But Sonar X3 can. In CbB to import an audio file (wav), I would (after creating a new project and setting tempo):- 1..........Create a new audio track. 2..........Highlight the track number in the left track pane 3..........Click on 'File->Import Audio' navigate to audio file, and it'll import it to that track. Now for the steps in Sonar X3, after creating a new project and setting tempo:- 1..........drag and drop an audio file into the track pane and the track is auto created and the file imported. Too many steps for CbB, and simple for Sonar X3. Next, downfall. CbB continually suffers audio dropouts when used for longer than 10 minutes, Sonar X3, suffers no dropouts no matter how long it's being used. CbB crashes when using the 64 bit rendering engine for mixdowns. Sonar X3 doesn't crash at all when using the 64 bit rendering engine for mixdowns. CbB doesn't display 32bit VSTi's parameters properly, or even save/load presets when using jBridge, or when using the built in Bitbridge option. Sonar X3 runs 32 bit VST's natively. Both CbB and Sonar share the same problem with projects that suffer a crash, and the written backup is not recalled when the program is restarted, I have to figure out where the 'copy of' is stored then open it, and continue from there, but I have to manually use 'Save as' to save it back to it's original file. I could go on and on, and that's why Sonar X3 is still better than CbB.
  3. I too dumped CbB, for the same reason, if CbB is open for longer than an hour or so, it crashes for no reason at all, which doesn't happen with Sonar X3, also, CbB's 64 bit rendering engine crashes too, even if I have autosave set to every 5 changes, when any crash happens, the autosave is there but CbB as the same with Sonar, which hasn't changed since Cakewalk was known as Pro Audio 8, does not retrieve the autosave file but you have to re-load it, and the autosave file name is what's being used instead of the real file name that was given when creating the project. I have used Cakewalk products since it was called Cakewalk Pro Audio 8, and I have kept it updated until Gibson took it over, then when Bandlab took it over, and called it CbB Sonar Platinum, (completely different to Sonar X3 PE), I couldn't get any more updates, and as such I just kept using Sonar X3 PE, and I've never had problems with it at all, then came CbB, I gave it the benefit of the doubt , and tried it, and as sson as I installed it and opened it I started having problem after problem after problem, so, thinking it could be because Bandlab just took it over and was having teething problems, CbB was updated 8 times since I installed it, and I still have problem after problem after problem, so I dumped it and now use X3 PE, and will always use X3 PE.
  4. Ok, seeing as I'm not going to use and never will use CbB, this is the only forum now for Cakewalk users, and I use Cakewalk Sonar X3 PE, so, this is a valid question. I have a track with 2 waveforms (presumably the track is stereo), but the track in itself has only one pan control for both waveforms, how do I assign a pan control to each waveform? An example would be to look at the attached screenshot, and taking Bass.WAV track and there's 2 waveforms, presumably left/right channels, but the inspector, only shows 1 control for both waveforms, what I want to do is to take the guitar track (not expanded), and separate the waveforms into 2 individual tracks, each with their own vol slider, pan, FX, etc etc, so that I can pan them left and right.
  5. Well, after a lot of people saying "give it another chance, it could be just a hiccup etc etc etc', it's time to just pack up CbB and trash it, ever since I first installed and kept up with the updates, it's been nothing but crap, there is no way in hell I'm going to put this on my studio computer, luckily I still have my trusted X3 PE on the studio computer, which since I bought it some time ago, has NEVER let me down, I can't say the same for CbB, I have problem after problem after problem with it, it literally crashes about every 10 minutes of use (title bar says Cakewalk (Not Responding), and I have to use the task manager to 'kill' the process, then there's constant audio engine dropouts, and I'm doing absolutely nothing different from using X3 PE to CbB, also, this problem is shared with all Cakewalk DAW's, when it crashes, either through software crash, or an interruption in the power, but either way, Cakewalk does save a backup copy of the project (I have mine set to autosave after every 5 changes, but when the DAW is re-opened it doesn't recall the saved backup, instead I have to open the file with the name "saved......." which then is treated as the main file, so another copy is created, and when I save the project, it saves it under the same saved filename, not the original filename that was created when creating a new project, so I have to use 'Save As'. I have in one of my project folder 14 saved copies of just one project." I don't want to hear, "change this and that, tweak this, edit that, it's your system" BULL CRAP, it's not my system otherwise I would have the same problems with X3, which I don't. When using X3, I've had a maximum of 20 tracks and around 12 VSTi's/VST's and I can perform live tweaking as the project is playing, without any problems, can I do that with CbB? NO!, I get engine dropouts as soon as I open a VST's properties. So, yeah, it's time to dump the DAW, and use my old faithful X3 PE, I can still use my account for uploading stems etc etc by just drag and drop tracks in the mix editor, but as for using CbB? FORGET IT!
  6. Being as there is no actual support forum for people having technical problems, I guess this is a better place than any. OK, I'm faced with the biggest ever problem that can happen with a musician, a VSTi, and a DAW (primarily Cakewalk by bandlab), imagine this, if I were to have a synth that produced the exact sound I wanted and plugged its audio out into the computer, Cakewalk would record not just the audio, but any effects too, such as reverb, or sustain, so that after playing a note and releasing the keys, the recording would still continue and record the sustained reverb until it fades out, now here's the huge dilemma, when using a MIDI instrument, a VSTi, and Cakewalk, the recording does not record any trailing decays, so if I'm holding a chord such as F, while recording, the VSTi generates the sound along with some reverb, but when I release the chord, and even though the recording continues, the notes stop dead, and as a result playing it back, doesn't have that fading reverb at the end, the sound just stops dead, I can't add reverb to the track after recording, because the sound from the VSTi already has it and it'll be way too much, is this a quirk with VSTi's and DAW's or is it something that can be fixed?
  7. Yay, that worked too, thanks. ADDENDUM It seems it only creates 16 outputs from the VSTi, but only 1 MIDI input, what if I wanted to control each instrument in the VSTi, say AD2 for example, meaning having 8 of the 16 inputs assigned to 8 MIDI channels:- 1 = Kick 2=Snare 3=HiHat etc etc. So that if I played a note on midi channel 1, it would play the kick only through AD2, or channel 2 would play the snare, etc etc, but only 1 MIDI input to AD2 having 16 audio outputs, means that what ever channel is played (omni) only the master out from the VSTi would play.
  8. Yes it was disabled, now it opens every time I go to add a VSTi. Thanks guys.
  9. The insert soft synth options don't show up when I drag a synth, and there's no + in synth rack as can be seen with this screenshot.
  10. I noticed with other DAW's they have the ability to use all outputs from a VSTi, even if the VSTi, has 2 to 32 outputs, and the other DAW's just pop up a confirmation box asking if 2 or all outputs are to be used, but this doesn't happen with Cakewalk. EG I have a drum VSTi, that has 16 outputs, but when I insert it into Cakewalk, the DAW only uses the stereo pair from the master out of the VSTi, the DAW doesn't even ask if I want to use all 16 outputs. Can Cakewalk actually use all outputs from a multi output VSTi? If so, how?
  11. usalabs

    I need ASIO4ALL

    Actually ASIO IS necessary, it's a low lag audio system, I tried recording and adding VST's along with mastering and using MME just don't work, there's a lot of latency especially when recording more than 5 tracks, I also tried WDM/KS no go there either, and even WASAPI failed, so the ONLY one that worked was ASIO, and now the bandlab update says that ASIO is incompatible? Hmm, time to dump bandlab and resume using my original Cakewalk Sonar X3 PE, which does work with ASIO. FYI, my system specs are more than enough to handle a DAW, it even handles Sequoia the most expensive DAW on the market, when using ASIO, but fails when using any of the windows native drivers, WASAPI, WDM/KS, and MME. CPU = quad core 2.6Ghz RAM = 16GB HD = 1TB Audio system = Realtek HiDef Surround Sound. OS = x64 Windows 10 Home, Version 21H1 Before you tell people that ASIO is nothing but a wrapper, try some research on it first. "Audio Stream Input/Output is a computer sound card driver protocol for digital audio specified by Steinberg, providing a low-latency and high fidelity interface between a software application and a computer's sound card" effectively bypassing windows drivers, and going directly to the sound card, so yeah, ASIO is essential for a low latency DAW.
  12. We need a support section in this forum, not one that's directly associated with CbB Cakewalk DAW, but one that's support for other Bandlab features such as problems with the main Bandlab website, or problems with the website features etc etc. Such as, I got an email from Bandlab saying someone had created a new revision for one of my songs, but when I click the link to go to that revision, the Bandlab page opens, but then I get '404 Page not found' so, I take 15 minutes just to hunt around my projects to find the revision that was supposedly created, and I found it, but nothing was there, there was no additions, no changes, nothing, just the same mix and stems I uploaded, but there was a notice that the person has to publish it for further additions, or comments, which meant the project is locked until they publish it. Personally, I think the main website should have been more thought out, and incidents like, if someone deleted their revision, then a notice should be applied saying the revision was deleted, and reverted back to a previous revision, thus allowing any collaborators to add more without the person that deleted their revision to re-publish, because if they don't publish, then no more additions can be made.
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