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  1. We need a support section in this forum, not one that's directly associated with CbB Cakewalk DAW, but one that's support for other Bandlab features such as problems with the main Bandlab website, or problems with the website features etc etc. Such as, I got an email from Bandlab saying someone had created a new revision for one of my songs, but when I click the link to go to that revision, the Bandlab page opens, but then I get '404 Page not found' so, I take 15 minutes just to hunt around my projects to find the revision that was supposedly created, and I found it, but nothing was there, there was no additions, no changes, nothing, just the same mix and stems I uploaded, but there was a notice that the person has to publish it for further additions, or comments, which meant the project is locked until they publish it. Personally, I think the main website should have been more thought out, and incidents like, if someone deleted their revision, then a notice should be applied saying the revision was deleted, and reverted back to a previous revision, thus allowing any collaborators to add more without the person that deleted their revision to re-publish, because if they don't publish, then no more additions can be made.
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