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  1. Hi there all of a sudden, when ever I copy or moves things in a track, it cuts all tracks at that given point. When I then move a part, I move all tracks, cut in two where the "playhead" was. Really frustrating. Have You experienced anything like that?
  2. Sorry it's only the version installed by Cakewalk, not a full version
  3. Hi I have 2 PCs installed with CbB - all new and uptodate - and with win10 in new installations. On 1 I can easily record a simpel vocal and transform it into midi. Just as easy as seen on several tutorials. On the other, I get the same dialogbox (... it might take some time to convert...) but after a second it is finished, but the midi channel is empty. Have any of you experienced this, and/or do you have any suggestions on how to solve this problem?
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