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  1. Okay, i've removed all traces of the 32bit DLLs and vsts and it still doesn't work. Literally none of the LABS instruments are working for me. It's not just the soft piano it's everything from Spitfire.
  2. Glenn, so my understanding is - and this may be wrong, is that the Spitfire application combines all the instruments into a LABS 32bit and LABS 64bit vst and dll file, and that contains everything.
  3. Okay so I enabled the VST loading logs, and I tracked them down. What I can see it's doing is it's trying to load the LABS (32 bit) .vst file. It fails. I think it's expecting a dll file. It then tries to load the LABS (32 bit).dll file. But it can't load that either, presumably because SpitFire's DLL is 32 bit, and cakewalk is a 64 bit application. So that makes sense. It then tries to load the 32 bit labs DLL using bitbridge - which i'm guessing is a translation system from 32bit to 64bit. I'm going to try and delete the 32bit labs dll from the registry and see what happens.
  4. Yes, i've spent a good 2 hours on this uninstalling and reinstalling the spitfire instruments. I can see the LABS vst3 files both 32 bit and 64bit. I can see them loaded in Cakewalk's plugin manager. However when i go to create an instrumental track (right click insert instrument), no Labs instruments are showing. Weirdly if i go into Sampler i can see LABS VST3. But no soft piano, no whale song instruments either, just SI-Srum Kit, SI-String Section, SI-Electric Piano. That's it.
  5. Just to let you know, i'm having exactly the same problem. So I download soft piano from Spitfire. It installs (direct download, not the hard drive option). It reports it as being installed. I've added added all the spitfire VST2 and VST3 paths to cakewalk. I've done a reset all and then a rescan. I see labs in the list of VST plugins in the plugin manager, but none of the labs instruments show up when i try to create a instrument track in cakewalk, all i get are the SI instruments. Is there something weird going on, like cakewalk is 64bit and Spitfire is installing 32bit plugins or something stupid like that?
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