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  1. Thanks for the input. I'm using these older songs of mine as a way of honing in my recording/mixing techniques. I probably will leave this song "as is" depending on how it flows with rest of project, but will keep any pointers in mind while working on next project. I had trouble hitting the high notes (as evident from recording) and actually pitched song down and added backing vox and then pitched back up. I don't have Melodyne but use the free VST'S Gsnap and Grallion but haven't figured out how to get the best usage from them.
  2. Still plugging away at recording some of my old songs. Any input on mix/levels etc. and thanks for listening! https://www.bandlab.com/jakewaidelich/wait-till-tomorrow-371c9fa7?revId=e5e5a890-4964-ec11-94f6-a04a5e79a6b8
  3. I got an email today for the keyboard that I ordered Oct 18th. It is dated Oct 26 and has an invoice number, but I can't match it up to the one from the 18th because that one has an order number. My keyboard arrived last Saturday so there's a chance I may end up with two. If so, I can mail one to @InstrEd 😉 Assuming I don't get charged for two keyboards... 😫
  4. Thanks for this! I used it to figure out my 24 freebies to get while waiting for my iRig to arrive. Took me awhile to figure out how to tally amounts since I haven't used spreadsheets in a long time. I was debating on getting Sample Tank SE and when the keyboard arrived yesterday I see it comes with it so that's an added bonus. I'll be able to have most of AT-5 including X-Gear, and a ton of T-racks so I should be set for a long time. Now to block all my music related emails so I can focus on music instead of being tempted by collecting plugins. 😉
  5. I am using an i7-4770 for my dedicated music DAW which I built earlier this summer so I have no plan on upgrading anytime soon. I haven't updated to latest AT-5 yet and was going to wait and check forums before doing so... However, I plan on getting the X-Gear plugs once my iRig Midi arrives (hopefully Saturday 🤞) so I may update then if the X-Gear isn't compatible with my current AT-5.
  6. I don't use the "stand alone" so I'm not sure why it would take so long to load compared to within Cakewalk.
  7. If you click on this you can toggle between what you own, what you don't own, or show all. You currently are showing all so that may have something to do with the demos.
  8. I have no problem waiting since it is hardware, just don't want to miss out altogether on the deadline to pick the additional freebies. I've had bad luck all year when it comes to orders arriving in a timely fashion that I need for work so it makes me nervous. 🤞
  9. Another question... It says qualifying purchases must be purchased and registered before the end date, but what if I don't receive the keyboard before then? Is there a way to register product before it arrives?
  10. Yeah, she moved out a couple years ago and will eventually want it back. I only have 1 freebie left from my original buy-in so if I want the X-Gear I'll need to get the Pro anyways. I was trying to find the actual dimensions of the keyboards, but I'm pretty sure the full size one is still smaller than what I'm currently using. (Casio CTK-3000)
  11. I'm debating on if I should get a midi keyboard and if so, iRig Keys 2 or iRig Keys 2 Pro. I'm not a keyboard player but I do use my daughters full size touch sensitive keyboard for programming drums and adding some other VSTi on occasion. I'd be a fool to not get one now since I could then get the X-Gear peddle plugins and the rest of Amplitube to add to my Amplitube 5 SE... also, I have 24 jam points to use. Thanks for letting me talk myself into it lol... anyways, since I'm not a keyboardist, I probably don't need the full-size keys, but that would make my buy-in $124 compared to $149. How much are the software versions of the X-Gear peddles when added as freebies?
  12. Nah, I'm still here. Just checking back here between backing up projects because "writing compacted stereo" always slows things down. 107
  13. I guess I'll show myself out... I didn't know this was an exclusive club. 😫😉
  14. 598 to go I currently have 3 freebies left to choose. I plan on getting T-tacks 5 which means I'll have doubled Dyna-Mu unfortunately since I got that early on separately, but overall I've done pretty good keeping track of what is included in bundles. I also plan on adding SaturatorX so the other 1 (or 2 if we make it) I'm still going back and forth on. I am in at the $149.99 so I was able to get Modu Drums which comes with 2 kits. I wish we could make additions to it like with Amplitube, but it still looks like it will be a great resource with only the 2 kits.
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