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  1. yeah the flip over to the left. I use an M-audio oxygen 8 v2 midi controller which has worked perfectly, and like I say, everything works perfectly on FL studio. its a mistery
  2. yes the panning control graghics on the Vst GUI physically moves but not the panning control on the DAW mixer. the other Vst's is my Korg synths and the Roland cloud synths. I should also probably add that I have un checked the zero controlers when play stops, and the midi event chase on play boxes in preferences
  3. hi there I dont know if anyone else is getting this problem, but when I try to use certain VST's they play ok for a little while but then pan themselves to the left. I first noticed this with Kontakt, but its also doing it with a lot of my other VST's as well. I also use FL studio and all of my VST's work perfectly so I really dont know what is happening. I asked a friend of mine who knows alot about cakewalk and he suggested I ask here. thanks guys
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