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  1. Any way I can swap back and forth without having to reboot my PC? Meaning alternating them but not playing them at the same time.
  2. Ok, I have now removed all ASIO4All from my PC. I updated to newest version of Cakewalk and the freezing issues have resolved....... that is until coming back from a break. I was sitting here watching some videos on youtube and all is well. I opened Cakewalk and as soon as I opened a project my youtube video stops and I cant get anything to play regardless of what the video is. I go to my project and it plays fine, until I try to stop it then the freezing up is back Ahhhhh..... I'm going to have to change the title of this TOPIC to something more encompassing. I'm thinking something like "The Cakewalk Chronicles". lol
  3. Tried zipped and its 100+ mb and times out before it finishes uploading. I made a text file to upload with link to dmp. file on dropbox. Sweet thanks. I can do 50 MB no problem. 10gig or something would be pretty taxing.
  4. ASIO4All uninstalled. Made a crash dmp. file that's currently uploading to drop box. It was 810mb. which is taking a while to upload on rural internet. Going to have to look into the "Microsoft Procdump tool" next time. Now maybe I can actually follow along with the "Creative Sauce" youtube channel and learn some stuff from his "Cakewalk" playlist. I'm still interested to know if anyone knows the size of the most recent update if anyone has that info. Still waiting on Starlink so I can have decent internet access. Thank all of you for the help so far, you are a great resource. I'm sure there will be more questions to come.
  5. Now that I have selected the "Soundcraft USB Audio ASIO Analogue" driver within Cakewalk the "ASIO4All" should be moot correct? Or should I still uninstall it anyway?
  6. Ok. It didn't hang up this time. I pressed the record button to deactivate then pressed the play button to stop instead of the other way around. I just installed Cakewalk about 2 weeks ago. I'm on the version that was release June 2021. Maybe it wont be a huge update.
  7. Yep, that helps lol. I figured that out a week ago and forgot since then. I'm getting signal in and able to record but after I record, when I hit "play" to stop the recording, it freezes the program. I have 16 gigs of DDR4 ram and a 12 core 3.79 processor. Shouldn't have any issue running the software. Should I go ahead and do the Cakewalk update from just a few days ago? I'm not sure how big it is and I have limited data on my internet. At least this time I saved all the track input settings for each track before trying to record. Now I don't have to set all that up again.
  8. Thank you for responding. I've seen your responses helping other people so I have hope now lol. So, I was going to take it step by step as you laid it out. Swapped to ASIO drivers, still able to play back from PC so that's good but when I try to change my track input to one of the Soundcraft channels I am unable to select them. It shows the "Soundcraft USB Audio ASIO Analogue" options but they are all greyed out. On the playback and recording masters I don't have the option to choose anything from Soundcraft. If I go into my computer settings the Soundcraft is selected for input and output device. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong here.
  9. I have a Soundcraft Signature 22 MTK that I previously used with GarageBand no problem. Now im on a PC and I wanted to try out CakeWalk but am having some issues. Originally I was able to get a signal from the board into DAW, record and play back. On playback there was a clicking noise on the recording (wasn't same tempo as metronome) that I couldn't get rid of. I swapped Driver Mode from MME to ASIO, got rid of clicking but cant get signal into DAW now. I have install/swapped driver modes/reinstalled drivers and cant get signal. Not even a blip on the meter on any configuration. I've enabled record/echo and still nothing. Playing back sound from youtube and demo tracks is no problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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