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  1. Ok let me start off by saying sorry if this is posted/asked somewhere already, I am Kind of a solo player, My son is a Drummer And I play guitar, have played for around 20 years or something off and on, And through that time I have always hated trying to record, I just wanted to play and not bother with it, However I have started to dabble in it and I'm finding out very quickly I have no Idea what I'm doing. So I have watched a whole lot of videos on different DAW's and all that stuff and I have an ok grip on how to use it, at least at the surface. I have loads of questions if someone has the time to teach me but one thing that has confused me since the start of using DAW's is that in all the videos I watch these people have all kinds of external equipment, half of I have no idea what they are, So is there a book or a video or just someone that explain to me how to get started into recording good sounding guitar and later drums. My son has both acoustic drums and I recently bought him and electric set, so I think him recording on the electric and then bringing it to my p.c should be straight forward. Now some of the equipment I have are various guitars, have no idea what pickups are in them, I have a line 6 spider IV , zoom G3xn multi pedal, An older zoom hd 16 track stand alone recorder, drum mics and some vocal mics. Currently using cakewalk and Cubase elements. I am really wanting to get a heavy metal guitar sound but also not limit it to that, I know there is a whole lot to learn about frequencies and all that so just some guidance would be great. Thanks for any advise!
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