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  1. I have found advice for copying tracks and templates, but I went back to a project that was all instrument tracks (TTS, Xpand and Kontakt) and modified a section of MIDI (new ending) that I wanted to copy to a project where all my Instrument tracks are frozen, and Copy>Paste Special does absolutely nothing with the clip I created. As a noob I am having committment issues, which is why I froze my synths and "Saved As" a new project. As I suspected, I still want to tweak the notes, but I just want to grab an updated clip section, not the entire track - or must I copy the entire track to move it to my "frozen" project? TIA mark in Rhode Island
  2. Mark Marshall

    You & Me

    Hey my friend, from one lower case mark to another - you are a gifted musician, better than me by far. I have to say though that I was hoping for a break or transition at some point. As someone who has listened to much craig chaquico, I can appreciate "unstructured" feel good music, but since you mentioned lyrics and vocals I hope you can appreciate that you may have to box in your flow a bit in order to incorporate that element. Overall, loved the feel, the vibe and the musicianship. Thank you for sharing that. - mark
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