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  1. LOL fwiw, when I downloaded my attached file and opened it, the freakin' crackle was gone. I'll try copying the offending files across from my old PC again... fingers x'd
  2. Greetings. I copied across some 'normal' Cakewalk files I had made on another PC. Everything had been recorded by directly entering notes using the Staff view. On some files, not all, I have found a crackle on midi channels using the SI Bass module. If I copy & paste just the 'events in track', the crackle comes with it even when I copy/paste to a new soft synth track using, e.g. TTS1 with a finger bass preset. I've not noticed the crackle doing the same thing when using a non bass preset. Other non bass sounds on TTS or SI drums, etc. are fine. I copy/pasted the track to a completely new file and there was no crackle, yet when I then re-copied / pasted back to the original file, even creating new soft synth tracks, the crackle returns. I've even tried re-recording a track but if it's a song that had crackle, the crackle remains on the new soft synth track. I'm stumped as to how to clear it... I'm an old experienced musician, been using versions of Calkwalk and earlier MIDI sequencers since the 80s. It's definitely not my speakers or audio system, I've been able to eliminate that - It's definitely somewhere inside either the VST or (I can't see how) the MIDI data. If the attached file works, it's Channels 5 & 12 that are the offenders, need to play in solo to hear the crackle. Any and all help / suggestions welcome John TWST crackle bass.cwp
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