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  1. OK let me just get this straight.... 2-3 o'clock is approx 65%-75% up right?
  2. Thank you Scook and Noel. That's all I wanted to know. I also wanted to make sure the two can live side-by-side without getting in each other's way.... From what I remember they don't share the same program files directory or registry key directories right?
  3. Hey all, so I am coming back from Studio One and FL Studio to my FAVORITE program for making music 😊 question for you all: I remember a few years ago it was advised to first install Sonar Platinum (last installer published) and then to install CbB on top of it (or along side of it). Is this still the case? I am starting fresh on a new PC build and rather not clutter it up with stuff I don't really need. If I am just installing CbB, what would I be missing out on? Thank You, ADUS
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