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  1. yea there probably is, but I did search "bandlab assistant not downloading" and nothing recent came back. Forum posting isn't perfect, there WILL be duplicate topics from time to time.
  2. kind of tedious to do it that way, plus I believe once you bounce clips, it reverts back to default colors.
  3. so my update just sits here without downloading anything. is there anything I can do to try to fix this?
  4. suggesting here for an option for clip background colors to be altered by bus. As of now setting a color for a bus will affect the foreground color only, and all tracks will also use the bus's foreground color as the waveform. I personally like to have black waveforms with clip color backgrounds (easier for my eyes anyway). This seems like a simple thing to build in. Hoping the bakers see this
  5. I purchased Z3TA+ 2.2 in 2015 and have a serial # from the legacy website. Upon rebuilding my PC and first installing Splat final and then CbB, the included Z3TA+2 is telling me I am in demo mode but not asking me to enter a serial #. I am confused on how to activate my Z3TA+2 instance. Thank You!
  6. I am still waiting for the day Cakewalk implements a way to color the background color like you have here. Did you do this in Theme Editor? I would like to have the clip backgrounds follow the bus and my audio all be black like yours.
  7. Oh of course, I am not questioning Noel at all.... my memory must have been mistaken here from how it used to work. So let me just understand.... lets say you have a bunch of audio recorded to several tracks and save the file (no versioning enabled).... then you delete ALL tracks (make the project look like a blank template with zero tracks... it will STILL keep the audio files after saving and closing out of Cakewalk? THANK YOU!
  8. RESOLUTION: 1. Power down PC 2. Power up PC. lulz, thx guys!
  9. But the thing is the project is NOT referencing these recording anymore. They were deleted from the track. This USED to work correctly. I remember after saving and closing CbB, the files would disappear from the folder as they were no longer being referenced.
  10. Def in ASIO and buffer is low. No added plugins, just a light softsynth. hmmm...
  11. I was having no issues until I had to rebuild my computer from scratch. After reinstalling Windows and then CbB, I am now getting severe latency when playing softsynths. I tried changing the ASIO buffer size on my Audient ID 14 to the smallest and largest settings and everything in the middle, and still the same. Is there anything in CbB I can check? I am running at 44.1/24. Thank You!
  12. Yes I did save before deleting the take, but I then saved afterwards again. In the past Cakewalk would delete this file as it is no longer used by anything in the project. It seems like that logic in the programming has been lost somewhere along the way if I am not mistaken.
  13. OK so I finally got my new DAW setup installed. Brand new PC and brand new install of Splat (Oct 2018 Final Version) and then the latest CbB next to it (as was recommended in a previous post of mine). So before installing any 3rd party plugins I wanted to just test the basics of using CbB. Here are the steps I did and the outcome: started brand new project from blank scratch using the "--no tracks or busses-- option in the new project dialog box I then title it and save it in a per-project audio folder. So far so good. I added a new track and record some vocal takes from my mic, resulting in the audio files showing up in my project's audio folder: I then delete 1 of the 5 takes. Save the project and close CbB Open CbB backup and I notice it never deleted any of the audio files. I figured the one with the take I deleted should be gone, no? Note: when I say "take", I just mean another recording further along in the track. Only one take lane was used I do not have "versioning" turned on at all. I understand it would need to keep recordings of takes to revert back to a previous version, but I do not use that feature. Questions: why aren't the recordings being deleted? why don't the file names match the clip names given by CbB? My track view shows "Recording 1", "Recording 2", "Recording 3",..... but these file names show Rec (4), Rec (6), Rec (8), etc... I never hit the record button more than 5 times, so how can there be recordings labeled up to 12 in the Windows Explorer? Thank You!
  14. OK let me just get this straight.... 2-3 o'clock is approx 65%-75% up right?
  15. Thank you Scook and Noel. That's all I wanted to know. I also wanted to make sure the two can live side-by-side without getting in each other's way.... From what I remember they don't share the same program files directory or registry key directories right?
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