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  1. ok im glad you mentioned CbB, cuz i saw a separate one Bandlab by itself, quess ill skip that. and yep, already installed x3 producer bundle
  2. oh i dont have sonar platinum, just Sonar X3 Producer(is that older? it was a 1 time purchase instead of subscription), maybe just crossover the plugins should be more than enough for newbie like me
  3. ok guys, i have read this: https://bandlab.github.io/cakewalk/docs/FAQ/#_faq-same-as-platinum so looks like i should install both? so i get the use plugins from the platinum/producer.
  4. Newbie here, Sonar X3 Producer used to be top of the line of cakewalk products back in the days. I have it on Steam. So I'm wondering is the new Bandlab far superior than everything in there or I should just stick to X3 Producer? Is there anything that the new Bandlab doesn't have in Producer version? Thank you
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