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  1. No doubt this is not random but it appears to be. I have been trying to do a mix of a project. I listen back in another application to these. I did this and noticed a slight glitch (not clipping). I started again: opened the project, went to the advance audio export dialog. The audio drive was not selected and could not be selected. I tried the quick method but this does not (as it usually would) open a windows save dialog. Hope someone has seen this before and has a solution. Now with a screenshot. The audio driver has not been unselected by me and I can't select it again. It started working again and then stopped. I've had to export stems. Did some then suddenly this problem again. Why?
  2. pmj_rit

    Missing Audio Files...

    They were frozen and then unfrozen - as far as I remember (this was on the previous machine). Please don't stress anymore. It really is only a minor irritation to me, mainly because it holds up the project loading (and sometimes I go away from the computer while projects are loading). It seems that the audio files remained attached even though they were no longer needed. I still think though that basically it should be possible to manage these elements more effectively. E.g. in Project | Audio Files a check box to indicate that a file is still needed and attached.
  3. pmj_rit

    Missing Audio Files...

    Thank you. I realised that. I am looking for the references and cannot find them. I can see that clips have been created by Cakewalk when I froze some of the tracks on the previous computer. The properties for these clips (in the inpsector) do not show any reference to the files. If I delete the clips it also deletes ALL the automation for the track. If I right click on the clip and go to Associated Audio Files the dialog displayed gives no way to delete the file. Also if I open Project | Audio Files this dialog gives no way to delete the files. It should be simple. Never mind I can live with it.
  4. pmj_rit

    Missing Audio Files...

    Sorry. I'm not sure what this means. Where would the clip references be?
  5. pmj_rit

    Missing Audio Files...

    Thanks Treesha, Tried that but it didn't work.
  6. pmj_rit

    Missing Audio Files...

    I have looked around for an answer to this and not found one, sorry. I moved a project from one computer to another and I keep getting a 'missing audio files' message. I would like to have a way to delete the references to these files from the project - I do not want or need them.
  7. Found on Reddit. Not my issue but the developers should probably see this. It may be that the uninstall did not fully work or that the user means something different by the word 'uninstall': https://www.reddit.com/r/Cakewalk/comments/ugesti/vst_installation_defaults_to_cakewalk_folders/
  8. 3 is too many? is to the contest - there's still time to enter. is to the FLAC file (public dropbox link to HQ audio) is to the video.
  9. Hi, I suspect I may have misread their intention here. There are some really brilliant submissions to this contest. Mine is probably not quite 'sound designer' enough for them. It's a very straight forward interpretation of the narrative they provide in the video. Link to Flac file. It's only 1:10 long. Lot's delays, reverbs, etc. Many of them Cakewalk's own. Any feedback would be much appreciated. The video (not linked here yet - edit: here it is) has a slightly different audio track. If I do upload it to youtube again that will be 4 versions and Youtube don't allow updates or replacements which is annoying.
  10. I think it must have been something about the particular project. Seems OK now. Weird. Sorry to trouble you.
  11. I can open the articulation view or track, drag in it (which creates a block for the articulation) but then when the dialog appears the block disappears. I make the selection and nothing reappears. The chosen articulation is not displayed (and not surprisingly) has no effect. Windows 10 (build 19041.1052) Cakewalk by Bandlab 2021.04 (build 175).
  12. Only discovered them recently. Brilliant IMO.
  13. This may the case for you but it is definitely not for me. Windows 10 8gb ram intel i7, 2.8 GHz Focusrite Scarlet Solo ASIO [you could use ASIO4All] Also with with the safest (longest) latency. Be careful what else you are running, including services. I switched to 'WASAPI shared' briefly the other day and then it glitched. I think I did it because I had been in a Zoom call and wanted to play a project and have people hear it. Didn't work and when I played the project later on it really was glitching continually but even that could probably be fixed. BTW I've been a Cakewalk Sonar user before CbB for years. I am grateful, to Bandlab and Noel and his team, every day for CbB.
  14. Thanks, I'll try to remember that, for when I really do have a problem.
  15. KS stands for Keyswitch. Trying to put Key switches and actual notes on the same cleff gets pretty messy especially if you wan to see several parts at once.
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