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  1. The file is Wave and not Riff. The track was recorded within cakewalk in the project you see in the screenshot. The various audio clips in the project are all Wave files.
  2. Hi David, thanks for replying. I have already tried to do the "Bounce to clip" but the result does not change. I didn't even transfer the audio clip from a softsynth because it is a physical Korg M3 keyboard so the audio clip you see is the direct recording of the midi you see above and which the Korg plays.
  3. Good morning everyone. I have a problem that I discovered recently. When I select an audio clip and try to apply the gain from the "Process" - "Apply Effect" - "Gain" menu and press ok the program gives me the error "Creation of RIFF file failed:". I tried to empty the "Picture Cache" folder, to increase the size in PicCacheMB from "Preferences" - "Audio" - "Configuration Files", I changed the directory (on another hard disk) of the cache but I didn't get no resolution to the problem. However, I have noticed that this problem does not always occur and not on all audio clips. Has anyone already had this problem? Could it be a Cakewalk bug? It started doing this to me after the last update.
  4. Good morning. I have a graphic suggestion to offer you. It would be great to see the icons of the tracks, which I am going to assign, much larger. The icon image may occupy the left side but occupy the entire space from bottom to top and fade to the right. On the mixer console it may appear in the same way but starting from the bottom until fading upwards. I am attaching a graphic example to better understand what I mean. I hope I have explained my idea well. Thanks.
  5. Hi. I have created an Instrument Definition file for the Yamaha Reface DX. This INS file shows factory patch names and CC controllers. Bye 😉 Yamaha Reface DX.zip
  6. Good morning everyone! I created a Cakewalk .Ins file for the Physis Piano K4EX master keyboard with the physical model sound generator, by the Italian company Viscount. I created it specifically for me and for those who need it because it didn’t exist yet. I attach the file. Have a nice day Mauro Gaspa Physis Piano K4EX.zip
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