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  1. Are you at least able to update CbB from within CbB itself? If so, I wouldn't worry about BLA too much right now. Steve
  2. Thanks for your work on CbB Noel, and I was afraid this was the issue. But everywhere I saw to download BandLab Assistant, it says it's for "Windows 7 and higher" (see attached screenshot, taken directly from https://www.bandlab.com/products/cakewalk). Did BandLab notify current Win7 users that the next version would not be supported? If so, I didn't get anything about it, and it appears other people didn't either. (Yes, the install screen on the last couple of versions said that Win7 wasn't supported -- but the product still installs and everything works fine.) I've used Cakewalk/Sonar since the DOS days, and I spent a few years helping out in the old forums (I still help users on KVRAudio.com and Gearspace.com). This was the first time I had to use the new forum, and I appreciate the help and the link to the fix. That said, it seems CbB (and BandLab Assistant) simply could notify the user that the OS in use is no longer supported, or make this a "sticky" for the forum. For what it's worth, I looked through the forum a bit for an answer to this. But while the first issue posted in the thread you sent me had a similar issue as mine, the user was on Win10 -- and no one posted a solution. I didn't go through 5 more pages of the thread to see the link to the Microsoft fix. And while I got this same error applying the previous update (Build 50), it actually installed, even without me doing anything different. Thanks again for the help, everyone. I'll be upgrading to Win10 sooner than I'd hoped, but at least I can get another week or two out of Cakewalk by BandLab! Steve
  3. BandLab Assistant (updated just before posting this) says an update is available for CbB, but never actually starts the download. It stays on "Downloading...(0/0)" for as long as I'll let it. If I cancel that, the button changes to "Install", but there's nothing to install. And there's nothing in the Download folder, either. CbB won't update from within the program itself. When I try to update from within CbB, two boxes pop up saying "Connection Error. Could not check for updates, please try again later. doEarlyAccessCheck:WinHttpSendRequest: 12175: A security error occurred." A Google search for that error gave me no usable results. Rebooting the machine didn't help, and I can't find where to download just Cakewalk by itself. Everything points to the BandLab Assistant, which is already up to date and isn't helping with the CbB issue. Thanks. Steve Cakewalk by Bandlab version 2021.06 Build 50 BandLab Assistant 8.1(?) Windows 7 (64-bit)
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