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  1. Working now. Thanks for the help scook. - Dan
  2. I downloaded the chordz plug in, but I can't figure out how to get it to work. I put the 64-bit version of the DLL in the Cakewalk VST directory as the instructions say. It then appears as a 'soft synth' in Cakewalk. If I load the synth it shows up as expected but I can't figure out how to route its output to any sound producing module (for example, Addictive Keys). Anyway, I thought it was supposed to be a midi effect but I can't get it attached to a midi track. Confused... - D
  3. Can't you can add or subtract various types of time ruler with the plus and minus boxes as shown... ?
  4. Supported software is always better than unsupported software. Cakewalk by BandLab is now exceedingly well supported (even better than SONAR was). I thank my lucky stars the DAW interface I spent so many years learning did not fall into obscurity.
  5. Billy backed down (fortunately). He eventually moved to Texas. I hear he's happier there. I can't say I missed him much. What I really want to know is what happened to Diva after saving my butt. She'd be about 65 by now.
  6. Here's a tune with a story. Some people like a story, I'm told. Some of this actually happened. Some of it didn't. - Dan http://www.taggerband.com/Music/DBH/BillyAndDiva.html
  7. Brilliant man! I just don't know what else to say. It would take serious ambition to take this kind of thing on. You have covered it better than I though it possible for one person. I plan will forward this link to some friends who love Floyd (and have tried to play some of it). They will be impressed. - Dan
  8. I once though this wasn't really my kind of thing but I've changed. Really. And you've done it. The production is so good and the arrangement so tight I simply get pulled into total appreciation mode. When I see a batsbrew posting I know it's going to be impressive. Thanks for sharing your stuff. - Dan
  9. I am one of those who's complained about this. More than 50% of my workflow is editing (either audio or midi). Aim-assist is absolutely essential to my well-being. I've been frustrated ever since those position numbers were added. I keep trying to see beneath them to the ticks on the timeline which is, of course, impossible. It's my fondest wish that they would either become an option or, better still, be moved somewhere that they don't obscure the timeline. Slightly below? slight above?
  10. Yep! Done. The best support too. There should have been a separate category for that too.
  11. I don't think that's a good idea. Any dragging movement has a horizontal and vertical component (even if one or the other is very small) . What the shift key does is ignore any horizontal component while dragging vertically. It would be maddening to have that as default behavior thus requiring the shift key to move freely in any direction. You could argue the horizontal component should be ignored unless it is significant. But who is to say what's significant? I tried to reproduce this problem when this post first appeared but could not. I now realize I always do keep the shift key down until after the mouse click is released. It's not a conscious thing. I guess I've always just done it that way.
  12. Sailor55

    Tiny Squares

    My band suggested I try to create something that can be played with two guitars, bass, drums & vocal. In other words, what we have, not what we wished we had. No dulcimers, funky horns, fat strings, female choruses, grand piano or zither. None of that. Okay. Here's what I came up with. The only synth is Addictive Drums 2. I played all the rest. http://www.taggerband.com/Music/DBH/TinySquares.html
  13. I just noticed this today. I'm running the very latest hotfix (2019 07 build 79). It used to be when I was editing audio and wanted to make a cut, I'd hit the F8 key until the editing cursor changed to a "scissors" symbol. Now the symbol does not change, until I move the cursor just slightly. Generally speaking, any changes to the editing mode via the F8 key do not immediately reflect in the cursor style. But they used to. A bug? Or have I set something wrong?
  14. Bass now fixed, or hopefully, better anyway. Thanks for the input. Much appreciated. - Dan
  15. My heartiest thanks to freddy, Joad, Tom and paul for the great responses. To be honest, I was afraid this one might just slip away. Just too odd, maybe. It was pieced together from little bits over several months, although the lyric was a poem of mine written quite while back. For Tom, all the gory details are below. Skip if you find this stuff tedious. (I probably would). And, once again, thanks Tom for your well-considered feedback. It definitely does steer me. Cheers to all... - Dan -------------------------------------- The Electric Piano is from the Cakewalk SI suite. The pre-set is “Classic Rhodes”. There are no effects in the bin other than the EQ setting in ProChannel and the controls on the instrument itself. To reproduce it exactly: SI Piano (Classic Rhodes): Drive = 7.0%, Chorus = 32.5%, Tremolo Depth = 1.9, Tremolo Rate = 39.5%, Tone = 75.5%, Pan = 0%, Volume = 70.5% ProChannel EQ: HP freq = 143 Hz (rolloff 24 dB), LP freq = 2538 Hz (rolloff 24 dB), Hi-mid notch: @ 553 Hz, Q=2.2, Gain = –9.2 dB The Vocal FX is a new ‘Waves’ plug-in I just got on sale (only $29.00). It’s the “Chris Lord-Alge CLA Vocal Processor” using the ‘Body Double’ pre-set with very minor tweaks, mostly to reduce the amount of doubling slightly. There’s a lot of hype about this plug-in, and to be honest, I thought the YouTube video by it’s namesake was a bit cheesy. But, you shouldn't judge a plug-in by it’s author. I very happy with it so far. Works as advertised. There are two different Guitar Rig 5 effects on the guitar (occurring at different times). The opening hook effect is ‘Breath You Hold’ and the rest of the lead is ‘Van 51 Crunch’. They are both tweaked in minor ways but probably no one could tell the difference in an A-B test. Drums are AD2 in a very ordinary mode. Nothing special there. Being a drummer, you’d think I’d have cluttered it up a bit more. Your comment on the bass is interesting. I originally had a midi bass but because a friend lent me one of his basses I decided to give it a try myself. I’m no bass player and I had to build the track up by many pieces. (I’m a much better wave editor than I am a bass player). Horns are ‘Session Horns’ played in Kontakt player. Guitar is by my buddy Lawrie, and harmonica by another friend, Kevin. It’s the three of us who decided we don’t stand a chance against Big Brother.
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