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  1. I upgraded to Melodyne 5 yesterday (from Melodyne 4 Studio). The upgrade cost $149 AM and went flawlessly. (I don't use iLok). And yes, my Melodyne 4 was completely removed with the upgrade. Celemony says Melodyne 5 is backward-compatible and it does seem to be. I've had a chance to use it a bit. The sibilant handling is great and the dynamic fade capability (which was a long time coming, and one of Melodyne's big shortcomings)) is very welcome. Those were the two main reasons why I upgraded. The leveling macro looks good too and I can see it being useful. It will probably allow less reliance on a vocal follower. What I also like is the new algorithm that no longer relies on the average pitch of a note, but instead operates on the 'sweet spot' or the 'best pitched' section of the note. The theory is that certain parts of a note that are technically 'off pitch' do not need correction and are not perceived as a problem by the listener, but rather an essential part of the performance. So far, I give it a big thumbs up. However don't expect Celemony's slick video on chord manipulation (if you're using Editor or Studio) to go quite as smoothly as they portray. While it's a bit of a miracle what can be done with the polyphonic stuff, it's tricky to use. At least, I've found it to be. But then, I haven't used the polyphonic features all that much, even in Melodyne 4.
  2. On the subject of hiding tracks: On most projects I often have about as many hidden tracks as I do visible ones. I keep original versions of any tracks sent to me by others and typically work only on copies. I move all hidden tracks to the top of the track view. So, if the first visible track is number 12, I know there are 11 hidden tracks. Also, I archive all hidden tracks. That way they can't possibly interfere with my project. (For example, if I were to accidentally un-mute one or more hidden tracks). Also, archived tracks remain unprocessed (i.e. ignored) by Cakewalk. I once had a project with many, many hidden audio tracks. It took a long time for the project to start after clicking 'play'. I was getting an annoying delay of up to two seconds before the project would sound because all the hidden tracks were only muted and still needed to be processed (somehow), even if they didn't sound. After a project is finished I'll usually delete any hidden files that I'm quite sure I'll never need.
  3. Is a Drum Map involved? I've never been able to create an instrument track when the midi track goes to a drum map and then to a Audio track. It seems to me that's only two tracks (one midi & one audio) but Calewalk has always disagreed, giving me the same error message.
  4. Working now. Thanks for the help scook. - Dan
  5. I downloaded the chordz plug in, but I can't figure out how to get it to work. I put the 64-bit version of the DLL in the Cakewalk VST directory as the instructions say. It then appears as a 'soft synth' in Cakewalk. If I load the synth it shows up as expected but I can't figure out how to route its output to any sound producing module (for example, Addictive Keys). Anyway, I thought it was supposed to be a midi effect but I can't get it attached to a midi track. Confused... - D
  6. Can't you can add or subtract various types of time ruler with the plus and minus boxes as shown... ?
  7. Supported software is always better than unsupported software. Cakewalk by BandLab is now exceedingly well supported (even better than SONAR was). I thank my lucky stars the DAW interface I spent so many years learning did not fall into obscurity.
  8. Billy backed down (fortunately). He eventually moved to Texas. I hear he's happier there. I can't say I missed him much. What I really want to know is what happened to Diva after saving my butt. She'd be about 65 by now.
  9. Here's a tune with a story. Some people like a story, I'm told. Some of this actually happened. Some of it didn't. - Dan http://www.taggerband.com/Music/DBH/BillyAndDiva.html
  10. Brilliant man! I just don't know what else to say. It would take serious ambition to take this kind of thing on. You have covered it better than I though it possible for one person. I plan will forward this link to some friends who love Floyd (and have tried to play some of it). They will be impressed. - Dan
  11. I once though this wasn't really my kind of thing but I've changed. Really. And you've done it. The production is so good and the arrangement so tight I simply get pulled into total appreciation mode. When I see a batsbrew posting I know it's going to be impressive. Thanks for sharing your stuff. - Dan
  12. I am one of those who's complained about this. More than 50% of my workflow is editing (either audio or midi). Aim-assist is absolutely essential to my well-being. I've been frustrated ever since those position numbers were added. I keep trying to see beneath them to the ticks on the timeline which is, of course, impossible. It's my fondest wish that they would either become an option or, better still, be moved somewhere that they don't obscure the timeline. Slightly below? slight above?
  13. Yep! Done. The best support too. There should have been a separate category for that too.
  14. I don't think that's a good idea. Any dragging movement has a horizontal and vertical component (even if one or the other is very small) . What the shift key does is ignore any horizontal component while dragging vertically. It would be maddening to have that as default behavior thus requiring the shift key to move freely in any direction. You could argue the horizontal component should be ignored unless it is significant. But who is to say what's significant? I tried to reproduce this problem when this post first appeared but could not. I now realize I always do keep the shift key down until after the mouse click is released. It's not a conscious thing. I guess I've always just done it that way.
  15. Sailor55

    Tiny Squares

    My band suggested I try to create something that can be played with two guitars, bass, drums & vocal. In other words, what we have, not what we wished we had. No dulcimers, funky horns, fat strings, female choruses, grand piano or zither. None of that. Okay. Here's what I came up with. The only synth is Addictive Drums 2. I played all the rest. http://www.taggerband.com/Music/DBH/TinySquares.html
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