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  1. I don't use any antivirus software and having the same issue, see the other thread reg. the same topic.
  2. In Cakewalk under: Utilities / Cakewalk plugin manager/ VST instruments (you won't find it among 'VST3 instruments' if your issue is the same as mine).
  3. Hello, thank you again for checking things on your side. I have reinstalled my Waves products, etc., unfortunately the VST3 'non-showing' issue still persists. What does help though is a complete reset of all plugins in Cakewalk - if I reset them and scan all my plugins from scratch, CR8 will appear among VST3 instruments (and so will my similarly missing Presonus' FatChannel XT among VST3 effects). After that all is fine and works, I can restart Cakewalk if I want and everything is fine - until I either scan for new plugins manually or automatically. During such new scan I can see the Cakewalk plugin scanner actually pausing for a few seconds while processing CR8/FatChannel and once the new scan is finished (and after I exit and restart Cakewalk) these plugins are completely removed from the VST3 plugin list and/or from a potential music project (they are greyed out). So the 'solution' for me to do is a complete plugin reset, perform a plugin scan and then never scan for new plugins again (which is not very convenient, as I do install new plugins here and there and the system needs to scan and discover them somehow, of course...). Anyway - it looks like something wrong probably happens when the Cakewalk scanner scans these plugins the second time around, I guess? That's when they disappear...
  4. 👍Thank you, I will try to re-check over the weekend and report back.
  5. Hello, thank you for checking, just confirming - you tested the VST3 version, yes? VST2 works without any problems...
  6. Yep... that's exactly what happens to me with the VST3 version of Waves CR 8, but also with the VST3 Presonus Fat Channel XT plugin and the VST3 demo version of Sonnox Claro EQ...
  7. On top of everything, the VST3 version of Sonnox Claro EQ doesn't show up in Cakewalk, either. Something is seriously broken here, this really looks like a pattern now 😞I hope I'm mistaken...
  8. Well, my VST paths are fine ... and just like in your case - all the above issues are connected to the VST3 version of CR8. The VST2 version works fine. The reason why I think this is an issue with Cakewalk (and not Waves) is the exact same experience I had in the past while trying to install the VST3 version of Presonus FatChannel XT plugin, as discussed here: Anyway, at least that CR8 VST2 is functional in this case... I guess we should be grateful for that in this misery 🙂
  9. Had the same initial problem with CR8 not showing up, copied the whole WaveShellsV13 folder to my usual vst folder, then CR8 re-appeared. Unfortunately, after restarting Cakewalk I get the the "A plugin was requested that appears to be unavailable..." etc. error -see the attached image. :-( The same thing happens with Presonus' Fat Channel XT, this seems to be an issue with Cakewalk....
  10. Hello, yes I have - as mentioned above, but this solution (renaming the Presonus VST3 Shell file / deleting the vst3 suffix) unfortunately only works temporarily. Once I exit Cakewalk and re-run it (with the plugins getting scanned), we are back to square one - the FatChannel is gone. Are you sure this fixed things for you permanently, please?
  11. I used to use Reaper years ago Yep, thanks, tested it now, FatChannel is happily sitting among VST3 effects in Reaper right now and working without any problems. In Cakewalk, however, it is not present among VST3 effects unless I (once again) rename one of the folders the Presonus shell file is located in, or I rename the actual shell file itself. All that only works temporarily, though. When Cakewalk is closed and restarted, the FatChannel is gone from the plugin list again.
  12. Thank you, all properly activated (and re-installed and re-activated several times...) on my side, but still with the same result as above. Thank you for checking...
  13. Hi everybody, I have the same problem with the FatChannelXT - it gets picked by by CbB the first time it is installed. When I close CbB and run it again though, the plugin is nowhere to be found. I followed your suggestions - I renamed the Presonus shell folder, deleted the folder-name .vst3 suffix, even renamed the actual shell file so that it is not the same as the parent folder, etc. After each renaming change, the XT plugin is found and usable, but unfortunately, once I close the DAW and run it again, the CbB plugin scanner just ignores it and it and the plugin can not be used😞 Any other ideas, please, anyone?
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