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  1. Funk

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year everyone
  2. Funk

    Slate Fresh Air FREE!

    I understand. I didnt mean to imply this was the same thing as authorizing to the PC. Its the first time I've had to use a cloud authorization in iLok.
  3. Funk

    Slate Fresh Air FREE!

    Same here. EDIT: Apparently you need to use File > Open Your Cloud Session. It helps to read the instructions on the web site
  4. I just tried it and it worked
  5. I don't like having extra stuff running in the background either. If you rename the exe to prevent it from running, it removes the new preset browser from the "load" menu. I'm not sure what else it affects.
  6. I have no hardware ilok. I redeemed the code in my ilok account, but after installing, it tells me it requires a second gen (or later) ilok for activation. Its not allowing me to activate to the computer. EDIT: Yep double checking https://slatedigital.com/the-monster-extreme-dynamic-processor/ it states: and at the bottom:
  7. I have projects where I have dragged the synth rack down to the console panel (so it becomes an extra tab there). When loading the project, the UI shows the synth rack, even though the Console tab is selected. I have to manually click the console tab to see it.
  8. My $13 coupon has already been used, but here is the $9 coupon
  9. Same here. I had some bundles that shared plugins that were on different versions and just ran the Waves central > Settings > Version organizer.
  10. @Noel Borthwick Thank you. The fix looks good. The crackle is gone I appreciate the fast response!
  11. Im using onboard (realtek) sound, with driver mode = WASAPI shared 44.1. This has always worked fine, but after this update, I hear constant distortion/crackle/noise. I noticed if I set the sampling rate to 48k, it plays fine though. EDIT: Even stranger... the distortion is only on tracks with FX (Pro channel, VST, VSTi). Audio tracks without FX are fine EDIT 2: I reverted back to 2019.09 and everything is good again
  12. Funk

    Demo mode. Why?

    Thankfully this was fixed with a reboot. What an annoying waste of time trying to troubleshoot it though.
  13. Funk

    Demo mode. Why?

    I just started having problems with Cakewalk going into demo mode too. It was working fine a couple of hours ago. Im connected to the internet. I tried logging out and back into bandlab assist and also tried reinstalling assist. Cakewalk still tells me it's in demo mode. I'm up to date using version 2019.01 build 27 Is anyone else having problems with this?
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