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  1. Hi, today I downloaded Sample Science's French Violin, a VST2 violin with six types of articulations. Unfortunately, there do not appear to be key-switches for selecting which articulation to play. Instead, there is only the articulation menu in the plugin window. Is there any chance that through something like midi channels or patches, I can still make an articulation map for this plugin? Thanks.
  2. This plugin, La Voz Cantante, is a free 64bit VST3 vocoder. I have used on one or two tracks, and it sounds okay. It supports routing a stereo carrier signal into it but also includes a stock midi driven synth. The latest version is 6.4 (released May 2021 if the file's date modified is accurate). https://vicanek.de/audioprocessing/lavozcantante.htm
  3. Hello! These are articulation maps for four of the free Sforzando instruments offered by this site: https://unreal-instruments.wixsite.com/unreal-instruments. I am not very experienced with making articulation maps, so if there's any issue, please let me know. Also, some of the articulations for the koto are in Japanese. Those are various pitchbends. An example list of the articulations - Standard Guitar: natural/picking harmonics, brush, fret/down/up/alt mutes, down/up/alt/PBR12/PBR24 sustains, hammer pull, down/up/in/out slides, half tone/whole tone pitchbends, auto/manual unison pitchbends, portamento, and half tone/whole tone/min3/maj3 trills UnrealInstrumentsArtMaps.zip
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