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  1. Hi Tom.
    Thanks for taking the time to reply.


    I like it. Your mix has a wide quality, lots of panning choices and movement. I found the bass guitar one big low sustained fill, rather than a "part" - but for this western style son g, that's what you want and need! 

    Yes it was a choice of what to do with the bass.
    Wasntt sure if I got it the correct volume.
    What I do is add a VU meter to the master buss...  solo the kick until it his 80 and then solo the kick and bass...  bring up the bass until it hits zero and then build of that.


    Did you actively pan the B3 around a bit? Did it move from right side, occassionally to the left? If so, that might be an unnatural movement of a hulking big organ - would we have expected to hear it scraping across the stage?     Perhaps I just imagined this.

    I didnt pan the B3... its just recorded in Stereo.
    It could be that one side of the mix was masking out and made it feel like it was being panned around


    Cool vocals and mix. Have no idea what they are saying, care to share?

    It wouldnt make sence if I translated as it wont rhyme and also some words do go.


    I didn't love the snare, I thought it a bit overtoney but most likely that's what the lad brought in . . . It works ok.

    I agree with the snare comment.
    I replaced it with Trigger...   but couldn't find what I wanted.
    I always find in my case getting the correct sound on a snare difficult.


    Guitars towards the end just a hair jangly/out of tune? 2:14 they are clashing a bit.

    I will go back and see what Melodyne can do.
    Do you think the vocals where a tad too loud?



    These are the nits. It's a lively little number, and well done all.




    Once again thanks for the comments they are really appreciated.

    All the best as always,



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