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  1. Very nice.
    Sorry I couldn't watch the the full video as I suffer from chronic PTSD... so I just listened.
    Your work has always impressed me.

  2. 3 minutes ago, AndyB01 said:

    That's a rockin' little foot tapper right there Gary - what a great song. As for nits and crits - I might have lifted the guitar solo just a touch but hey that's just me.

    Loved it!


    Thanks Andy.
    Appreciate your ears.

  3. New country song I have been working on with the drummer of the band.
    The band is called Hobo Train and this was recorded in a local studio and we are now working on the mix.
    This is my picture.. just wondered how it is standing up.
    All comments welcome ... especially improvements.  🙂

    Final Master.
    Thanks everyone for the help.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Kevin Walsh said:

    Thanks, Doug,  appreciate you listening and thanks for the phone info. My current set of phones is a Slate VSX set. With the companion software they are amazing, but the phones themselves seemed to me to rather cheaply constructed. My concerns were borne out when the right cup snapped off a few days ago when I was putting them on, so I'm looking at alternatives. 

    Thanks again!

    I have the slate vsx system and think its excelent.
    Contact their support... they will replace them straight away...  there was a bad batch.
    Their customer service is very good.

  5. 8 hours ago, markno999 said:

    Have been watching some Ryan Thomas Tutorials on the East West YouTube channel that are very informative.

    Well done...
    I have the EW stuff and the Ryan Thomas tutorials are great.
    looking forward to hearing some more o your compositions.

  6. jack I have got to say your have really improved on your productions.
    When you first started posting a while ago everything was too hot and distorted.
    well done.

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