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  1. This is another mix I am working on by Hobo Train... a Norwegian country band.
    It was written by the lead singer as a tribute to his friend that committed suicide.
    I'll fork all the stems soon of all the songs so people can add their own take on it.

    Im waiting on the proper vocals..  I've used their roughs(vocals where all in a single track stereo file), also a organ track should be on its way soon.
    This is the first time I've used effects... what do you think?
    Also I now have a mix template and a reference from the previous song..
    As always I value your opinions and comments.. good or bad.
    Bad is good  🙂... remember this is a work in progress..  but just wanted to share it with you guys and gals.

    First mix ideas..

    Working on more eq settings.
    Still waiting for vocal, organ and a few guitar corrections to come through.

    Mix 4...

    Mix 5


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  2. Just now, Jesse Screed said:

    No, stop saying that.

    There are kernels of beauty in everything you do.

    For instance, I burnt the waffles today, but because I was hungry, they filled me up.

    OK.. Ill go and sit in the corner like a naughty pig 🙂

  3. 14 minutes ago, Jesse Screed said:

    Gary, you knocked it out of the park on this one.  I admire your skills.

    Thanks mate.
    You have all been very helpful.
    If you find some of my stuff from a while ago its really bad  🙂
    I think this  is the first proper mix I have ever done and its a great feeling.

  4. 2 hours ago, Bajan Blue said:

    Gary - tremendous  improvement, sounds REALLY great now




    Thanks so much... Im well happy with it.
    This forum helped fantastically with tips.

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  5. 3 hours ago, freddy j said:

    This is a great urban country rocker!  To my mind (or ears) it sounds great.  I do not like to comment on the mixes since I do not know what I am talking about.  However,  being one who loves small venue live music (sadly interrupted during the past couple of years) this genre seems to beg for the live action feel.  IMHO you  have gotten a good balance between the live feel and a good mix. 

    Thanks so much @freddy j
    I get caught out a little as I am a live sound guy and find it difficult to "dry" things up when mixing in the box.

  6. 5 hours ago, jwnicholson78 said:

    Sounds great on the crappy little headphones I'm listening on at the moment.  Fun tune.



    thanks for taking the time to listen..good feedback.

  7. Great tips... thanks everyone.
    Now its to put them into action in a percentage way... as everyone hears things differently..  but we are on the right track.
    I am learning to go with my gut feeling (what I like) its very easy to doubt yourself.

    The band themselves have different ideas.
    Drummer likes to be louder
    Guitarist like to be louder.
    Backing vocals want to be louder

    You cant please everyone  🙂

    That's why I love posting on here as it validates different things.
    Thanks so much everyone..  Ill post the final mix soon as I take things on board.


  8. 1 hour ago, KurtS said:

    The guitars seem a little dull,  kind of like a thin blanket over them, they need a little air. 

    Thanks @KurtS  someone else told me the same.

    m struggling a little now as every time I adjust one particular instrument it effects the whole mix..  I'm working on it though.

  9. 52 minutes ago, John Vere said:

    Yes that what I was hearing. For the style of music it was a bit too bass heavy and not clear. I should listen again in my studio but at this moment I’m laying on a gurney in the hospital after a hernia surgery. 
    What I’d do is play the track with Span on a master bus and look at the frequency spectrum. Compare that to a song you admire 

    Thanks @John Vere
    I have made some adjustments and also added a organ that was missing and will post later.
    I just want people to rip the crap out of the song..  I wont get offended in anyway...   thats why I post.

    A while ago I asked for a new forum to be created for mix and mastering where people could discuss there work and be very critical.

    Hope you get well and on your feet soon John

  10. 2 hours ago, mark skinner said:

     I like the power of this track and the way it's wide open from the intro. All of the players sound Very talented , I especially liked the Nashville style lead work. Very Nice mix and master !   The lead singer sounds like she's spent a lot of time outside of Norway , if not she sure has perfected that US southern accent.          Loved it ..  Great job ..  mark

    Thanks for the comments @mark skinner I am really doubting myself..  when you play my track against another commercial country track mine sounds boomy and not enough top end.  I'm really confused at the moment.

    We have another 4 tracks to go!!!

    I'm thinking of sending the mix to a professional mastering engineer then at least we have a base line to work on.
    Don't get me wrong..  I want the band to have its own sound and not be pigeonholed to sound like others...  but there must be a baseline??

    P.s.  The SHE is a HE  🙂

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  11. 3 minutes ago, Paul Bush said:

    Great stuff nothing in there I didnt like, loved that solo, and well the vocals were super  with those understated harmonies  super song  cheers p


    Thanks Paul.. appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment.

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