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  1. Very nice.
    There are quite a few Christians on this forum ūüôā

    I have a lot of songs I wrote when I was a younger man that I havnt got down to record yet.
    Maybe we could collaborate on a few that I think fits your style of playing.

    God Bless mate.

  2. Advice given from a producer on another forum..



    Really nice song and performance.

    I think you could add to the emotion by dropping out the bass on the verses, and bringing it in on the pre chorus into the chorus. The bass goes on through the whole song and I think it's taking away from the dynamics of holding back and then filling out the song, to support the emotional content.

    Would love to hear some drums on the track at some point, to take it to another level. Maybe timpani or big bass drum hits like a taiko drum.

    I'd play with the vocal reverb, maybe add some predelay to bring the vocal a little closer to the listener.

    There's something, maybe an instrument, that sounds fizzy/distorted and I found it a little distracting. I'd isolate that and fix it, mute it or re-record that particular instrument. Maybe a synth fuzz or strings? Not sure.

    Good luck! These are my first impressions and takeaways.



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  3. 8 hours ago, Grem said:

    Listened to this on my studio monitors and my AKG K240 headphones.

    Gary they both sound good. I would go with either one.

    That said, I prefer the AAMS master. Has a little warmer sound. Why IDK!

    But both versions seem to me to have a certain perceived volume on some sections and a lower perceived volume on other sections.  IOW in the beginning sections of the song all the way through the first chorus all volume seem good. But when the last chorus comes in the volume seems to not be as loud (not a volume drop) and the very end of the song when you sing the last few words. That last chorus to me loses some of it's impact because it's volume seems to not be as loud as the rest of song before it.

    The piano seems to get buried in that last chorus also. Strings and the voices (male voices I never even heard before!) sound nice and clean. In fact both versions sound clean and clear.


    Are these the same mixes as the versions before?

    I listened also to the version in the video and I do notice these versions seem to me to have more pronounced transients. For me I would tame those down a little. But I have been listening for over an hour now trying to be helpful and I just am starting to nitpick!! LOL : )

    Brilliant... thanks a bunch.

    No... the mixes are different.
    Will comment more later...

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  4. I know I have posted this song a few times but I am really working on the master as there has been something missing for me and i would value your ears once again please.
    I would really like to sign off on the project... for some reason it hasn't allowed me to do that.
    I would really like to do the song justice in honor of the lady who wrote the words and her message.

    The first one is my mix and master.
    I enclose a 24bit 48khz wav file.
    One More Day Gary mix and master   91.8mb  48khz 24bit
    Plugins used on my mix..

    Mastering The Mix Mix Room
    Soothe 2 preset Master by Goodwin II
    Waves TG Mastering Chain preset Lamps bright & Open
    Gullfoss Master
    Mastering The Mix Levels

    The second mix is run through AAMS Mastering Software.
    AAMS Software Master  84.3mb  48khz 24bit

    Thanks once again for your ears and patience.


    This was a collaboration with @Grem and @Simeon Amburgey

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  5. 8 hours ago, Wookiee said:

    Thanks, it's interesting you should mention the bass. Some time ago I got a free copy of iZotope's Ozone essentials & thought I would give it a spin. 

    Shows I should have trusted my own furry ears in the first place ūüėé.

    I do appreciate your input and ears.

    Everybody hears differently.
    Jo Meek once said..  "If it sounds good it is good"
    I'm glad you hear the same.

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  6. I thought this was really well done.
    Sense of space in the mix was very good, top, bottom, left, center and right, excellent panning choices.
    Came out really well on my Focals.

    We all paint very different pictures... the reverb on the piano start was very good..  but the choir seemed to be in a different space and a little too much verb in my opinion on some things..

  7. Well done Kevin.
    Guitar sounds great.

    We all paint different pictures.. to me the drums seem a little flat if they could be a little more crisp.. (sparkle)

  8. I always start my mixes in mono.
    Then pan out later when I have them fitting together I then use panning.
    Youll be amazed when you get eq correct and cut out masking in the mono... then out to stereo... youll be amazed at the difference.

    As a live sound engineer...  mostly work in mono... this is where I got the habbit from.

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