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    String Studio VST

    Sorry for the typo. It's not me... this computer doesn't know how to spell. The correct spelling is StringStudioVST.dll No, it isn't SI Strings. That works fine. No, It never required a serial number previously. Not that I remember. See caveat in original message. Not sure about AAS String Studio. I will research. I know there are many VST plugins named String Studio, just can't find the parent to the dll.

    String Studio VST

    I've tried a search of this forum but I never found anything specific to my problem. I brought Cakewalk over from Sonar to include all plug ins. When scanning on opening the software, both Sonar and Cakewalk the following error appears. "String Studio has not been registered yet. Please register it by opening the the application." And the blue Cakewalk VST Scan popup window freezes on "Scanning StringStydioVST.dll..." I can find the .dll in 4 different folders (I've been using 'Cakewalk/Sonar products since Cakewalk version 1. Yes, I'm that old. Maybe that's my problem? I must 'x' out of the popup or click the 'Cancel' tab to proceed beyond this point. Fact: Did not have problem initially with Sonar nor Cakewalk by Bandlab. Fact: PC completely rebuilt from ground up so had to reinstall both Cakewalk and Sonar. Transferred all sub folders contained on original. Reason for rebuild... Lost original drive and backup was corrupted or something because it would not restore to new SSD. Good excuse to upgrade whole machine, right? Fact: After reinstall, 'error' appeared. Yes I have the full Cakewalk Studio Instruments but I do like to keep things I have. This isn't the only plug-in that is missing. Just the one I'm concentrating on presently. Have already corrected some Native Instrument (obsolete) instruments. P.S. Gonna slip in a second question. Cakewalk and Sonar used to recognize edits from each other. In other words, I could switch platforms and see all previous edits to a file. After last Bandlab update, they no longer do this. Why? Thanks for helping this old man, apparently suffering from senility (jk ... I hope)
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