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  1. @John Vere the patch that created these cracklings in particular was Abbyson and the second one in the pad list category!!! I spent all Sunday afternoon trying multi-sockets around the house, changing cables, pc settings and cakewalk settings. I loved Vital sounds, a lot of nice stuff and if you confirm that you have the same problem I can think of installing it again. PS Crackling are totally absent in the exported file (mp3) Thanks everyone for the help and answers 🙏
  2. Actually it shows up, in particular, only with some sounds of a plugin (64bit) particularly hungry for cpu. In this case the plugin is Vital https://vital.audio/ which I have read on other forums has a high CPU usage. I uninstalled it, I don't know what else to do. I have tried other cables with the sound card and different electrical outlets.
  3. Hello everyone again. A few moments ago I exported an mp3 to load it here and let you hear the cracklings but in the mp3 the cracklings are absent. When I play the clip they can be heard. I recorded with my smartphone the sound attached. I use a studio 68C interface (block size 512; I have tried different blocks and this is the most stable value), a panorama t6 midi keyboard and 2 yamaha hs7; sample rate 44.1khz. crackling record.mp3
  4. Hi, despite I've watched a couple of video tutorials about audio snap, I still keep experimenting that the vocal clip sometimes doesn't "respect" the bpm and goes faster and does not follow the rest of the midi tracks or (this is more curious) I even hear my same voice faster and duplicated 2 I'm a rookie as you can see 🙂 Thanks in advance if you want to give me some advice. Mark
  5. Hi everyone, I am writing 'cause it often happens while I'm playing my midi keyboard on cakewalk or while I'm recording a vocal part to hear small "electric crackling sounds", I don't know how to define them I hope you understand and tell me what they are due to I've triend to move to a safe level buffer latency in the preferences pannel and it's got a bit better but sometimes I still hear it. Thanks in advance if you want to give me some advice.
  6. Marcvs

    Pedal sustain issue

    Thanks John for the answer. I was unable to set the sustain off to cc64=0 therefore what I did was lowered the sustain level that affected the rest of the track (like the screenshot below) and next I pasted the clip. It looks work. Is that what you mean with "manually draw a new event before you copy it"? The question is: why can't I copy and paste the clip with its properties?
  7. Marcvs

    Pedal sustain issue

    Hi everyone, I copied&pasted a midi piano clip in the same track but the previous clip notes are played with the pedal sustain down which "affects" all the remaining track including clips I paste (but when I paste the clip in a new piano midi track the clip sounds properly). How can I fix it? Thank you very much, Marcus
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