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  1. Hi. New to using to DAWs, just recently downloaded Cakewalk from Bandlab.  I've got a hardware EQ, so I don't necessarily need a software EQ, but from a workflow perspective my hardware is a little time-consuming to adjust, so I'm wondering whether an EQ plugin - such as Fabfilter Pro Q - would be worthwhile? Is it easy to use? Does it make it easier to make adjustments and hear the changes within the mix right away? Are the actual EQ-ing capabilities decent? Have never use a software EQ, don't know what to expect.

  2. Hi. Coming from a hardware background where I only used previous Cakewalk products for their midi sequencing. Now starting to use its DAW capabilities.

    Basic question: what's the proper way to echo only certain passages of a track?

    My first thought was to duplicate the track, apply the effect to it, snipping out all but the specific passages I want, but I'm assuming this is not the proper way to do it.

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