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  1. I should note: for purposes of the critique, please ignore the "musicality" of the vocals. The guy recorded harmony line. The lady recorded lead for the whole song, but I don't like the way she is singing on the verse so I cut her out. I'm still trying to figure out what to do about that.

    But ignore that for now, I welcome critique on the technical aspects of the whole mix, including how the vocals sit.

  2. voxengo span. ok I will grab that.

    I'm mixing with both headphones and monitors. I make adjustments using one. Later I'll listen on the other to hear how it turns out.

    Regarding visualizing waveforms, although I don't think it is helping me mix, it definitely helped me to comprehend how the compressor works. Especially helped me to understand where the "recommended" values for compressor settings are coming from. 20ms attack. 200ms release. Etc. Before I was able to zoom in and visualize the waveforms and see the effects of compression, these numbers were just random arbitrary numbers. Like, "why 10ms"? Well, the length of attacks and stuff becomes clear looking at the waveforms, so it's a useful learning tool in that regard.

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  3. 18 minutes ago, Wookiee said:

    @Michael Martinez 

    Basically yes, I have a Global reverb buss, which consists of the N-type Channel emulation then the  quad Curve EQ set as described followed by Breverb with a hall type patch, totally wet no dry.  Then using the track sends I just send enough to create that gel on the whole mix.

    Ok, so the reverb buss filters out the low end *prior* to applying the reverb.

    A couple questions:

    - the level on you reverb buss is set to 0db?

    - what is N-type Channel emulation? how do I set this up?

    - do you recommend Breverb over Sonitus reverb? (I've been using Sonitus, but I did notice I have BReverb also)

    Sorry, I keep asking questions. Thanks for your quick responses, it's very helpful.

  4. 9 minutes ago, Wookiee said:

    Always worth a touch of EQ on the vocals, just to clear the way for the bottom end Bass and Kick.  A lite slap-back delay on the vocal can be used to thicken it.   Use reverb to create a space for all the "voices/instruments" to sit within.  For that I tend to use a global reverb over the whole mix with the bottom end rolled off below around the 150hZ mark.

    You mean send all tracks to the same reverb aux?

  5. My second attempt at mixing is with this song. This time I do have dry vocal tracks to work with.

    I feel the female vocal on the chorus comes in too abruptly? If so, maybe reduce or automate the level? Or perhaps apply compression? I applied compression to the male vocal track, but not to the female track.

    Let me know if there's anything I can do differently with this mix to improve it:



  6. thanks for the tips on loudness, I'll check that out.

    regarding the mix, I'll redo the song, I'm going to play with levels, and I'm going to remove all the processing I'm doing on the vocals. If it's still slightly unclear at that point, I wonder if EQ-ing would help?

  7. Dan -  Do you recommend using a loudness meter? Is that a plugin that I would put on a bus somewhere, or a piece of hardware?

    Regarding making the vocals better - what would be the recommended course? Increase volume a little? Back off the delay a little? The vocal track on this song was given to me with effects printed in. Is there a way to improve the clarity given that fact?  I compressed the vocals a little and I added a little delay to it.  Maybe I should disable these?

    I think I can improve the drums easier, probably by turn ingup the volume a little on the drum track.

  8. This is my first attempt at mixing a song, at using things like compressors, reverb, etc. I also tried mastering it but I bungled that so I  sent it to an automated online mastering service for what you hear below. It sounds ok to me but I'm sure an experienced audio engineer would take one listen and immediately find faults. I'd like some feedback on any glaring things that need improvement regarding the engineering mix aspect of it.



  9. Old Joad: just watched that youtube tutorial you recommended. It was informative.

    Now I've got a couple questions:

    For reverb/delay, I'm assuming this is done on a track-by-track basis, depending on where you want to place the instrument in the front/back space, so most if not all tracks will have different amounts of this.

    For compression, is this also typically done on most/all tracks? Or is more customary to do it on certain types of tracks only?

    Any other youtube videos that show mixing of a song in Sonar/Cakewalk? That first video dealt with the vocal track only. It'd be helpful to see the process done on an entire song, all the tracks.


  10. Tezza,

    I'll definitely be learning about mixing with Prochannel in my spare time. For now I've decided it's too many rabbit holes for me to be chasing at the moment, and so for this batch of songs I'll be sending them to some engineers. I exported wav files (one for each track in a song, timestamped) with eq off, everything panned Center, levels at 0, reverb off, all the Sends off except for certain Delays that I want to keep  - and I'm pretty sure this is sufficient for an audio engineer.

    I already had a fellow in China, of all places, offer to do a mix for free. I told him I wanted an 80s style sound. He sent me his mix - it's a bit unusual, not what I was expecting, but the vocals sit way, way better than any of my attempts. I've also had a couple other offers from random people, so it'll be interesting to hear each person's different take on things.

    I appreciate all your info, it's definitely helped improve my understanding of the mixing process.

  11. Tezza - thanks for the info. I am both pleased and disheartened. Pleased because it seems compression is one of those things that will help. Disheartened because it's yet another rabbit hole I have to go chasing down (learning curve). Thanks for the tips. I'll either make the effort to learn about it, or I'll just farm these songs out to a mix engineer.

    If I decide to have a mix engineer do it for me, in Cakewalk, if I choose Export > Audio > Files of type "Broadcast Wave", Source Category "Tracks", Preset "Entire MIX No F/X" this is what an audio engineer expects?

    Other choices are "RAW broadcast", "raw track no f/x"

  12. Tezza I haven't been using compression at all. Does Cakewalk come with a built-in compressor? Can you recommend a compression patch to start with on the vocals?

    Another question: in Cakewalk's track view for a single instrument/vocal (the vertical track strip), there is the area for the Sends. If I have two sends there - one for reverb, one for delay - I'm assuming a copy of the dry signal is sent independently to each bus, and those busses are routed to master, so one signal gets reverb, the other gets delay. Is that how it works?

    If so, is that how it's customary to set it up, or should the dry signal be sent to one Send buss that has Delay on it, and then that buss sends to a Reverb buss before going to the master?

  13. 12 minutes ago, Byron Dickens said:

    Try this: go back to your drum track.  Lower the velocity of the hi hat  on every other eighth note a very small amount.  Then raise it just a tiny bit on the one of every measure.  Then select all the snare hits and nudge them just barely to the right so they are just behind the beat. Now, take the bass part and nudge it slightly to the left so it is right on the leading edge of the beat.   Try it and see how that sounds. 

    Thanks I will give this a try.

  14. I'm playing around with the Sonintus Reverb and Delay that comes with Cakewalk. What I like is for the vocals to sit back, be more airy as if they are floating in a wide open space. What are some ways to achieve this? I thought more reverb, but that only distracts and makes the lyrics less clear. Would a long delay be appropriate?

    HEre's the more recent revision if anyone wants to take a quick listen: https://soundcloud.com/mwtzzz/the-forever-lament


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