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  1. I've seen some screen shots of the Track view where there are small faders and pan controls within the Audio Track Strip. In some cases it would be nice to be able to make volume and pan changes without opening the Inspector View...any tips on how I could add those controls?
  2. I thought the same thing! Love this theme. It's now my go-to as well. Thanks Matthew!
  3. I know it's not free, but I am getting some great results for amp sims and FX from the Line 6 Helix Native plugin.
  4. 10-4. I'll give this a try next time...(if there IS a next time)
  5. On my tracks: Sonitus Modulation on one guitar, BREVERB 2 Cakewalk VST2 on a pedal steel, epicVerb on a harmonica On my buses: Ozone Imager VST3 and Sonitus multiband compressor on my Master, a Blue Cat VST2 chorus on a guitar bus, and another instance of epicVerb on a bus for some 12 string electrics.
  6. I was making some final adjustments to a project, and when I went to save the project I got a Cakewalk error message saying "General Error". I tried saving the project under a different name, but got the same error. So I closed and re-opened Cakewalk, resigning myself to the fact that my recent changes were probably not saved. When I tried to open the project I was working on, I got another messge, telling me that the file was corrupted due to being "truncated". Imagine my horror - I have been working on this song for several weeks now. Luckily I had set my Preferences to "Auto-save" every 10 minutes, so I was able to open the propject using a recent save. This is not the first time I've run into this "General Error" message and been unable to save a project. If I've posted this in the wrong place I apololgize. Perhaps I should also create a support request? Thanks in advance for any guidance.
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