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  1. Hiya folks, I'd like to know if anyone is using Melodyne 4 Essential. I see it is $99...all I would want to use it for is a tad of pitch correction on a vocal track here and there. I'm not sure I need more than this out of this type of plugin. Will this do the trick?
  2. yea.....not really, and I know it would be a moneysaver if I could. I have been a Reason user for a long time, and don't run into any PC issues. However, I am really taking a liking to CbB, so I think it's time for an upgrade, and I'd imagine that Reason would run even better too! Thank you again for your comments/input.
  3. Thank you very much, John - hope your wife enjoyed it too!
  4. Hi Tom - thank you for the props and suggestions. Yes, I do think her vocal is a bit too forward in the mix, and I know exactly which editing choppiness you speak of! I should have spent a bit more time crossfading or extending the decay vs. cutting off. All good comments - thank you!
  5. Hi Chuck - thank you for your comments! All good points. Actually, my laptop is the Satellite E45W-C4200X. It has two slots, but the max RAM is actually 8 GB per slot, so I could go to 16GB (as per Toshiba and Crucial memory). But as you mentioned, the processor will likely be the bottleneck here. I have not ordered the memory yet, since I was thinking that throwing $$ at a ton of RAM into the machine with that processor is possibly better spent on a PC with a faster processor and a faster SSD.
  6. Thanks for the props, sir! Re: Derek and Susan - I do have some history with Derek.....;-)
  7. Hey thanks a lot, Bob! The fills during the main part of the song is my Tele, and the solo is my Strat. All guitars done using POD Farm.
  8. Sure. It's a Toshiba laptop, Intel Core i3 running at 2.10 GHz. Currently it only has 6 GB of RAM. The HDD is 500 GB, and I eventually want to upgrade it to a SSD.
  9. Hi all, I just ordered some more RAM for my computer (I only have 6 GB). Has anyone experienced performance improvements by increasing the size of the page file in Windoze 10? I was going to give it a try while waiting for the additional RAM. Is this futile, or even dangerous?
  10. My wife is singing. Obviously we're big fans of the show...;-) This is the first song I completed in CbB. Enjoy!
  11. Hiya folks, Is there any info about how (or if) the users of CbB could get this upgrade, and how much it may cost us? I tried emailing them, but the form asks me for the host I am using, and CbB is not an option in the drop-down host selections. Free would indeed be nice, but honestly I am not a Sonar owner, so I don't expect a freebie...
  12. Thank you sir - I'll doublecheck this!
  13. Marke Burgstahler

    Tempo Changes

    Hi all, I'm working on a tune, and I've decided to raise the tempo a bit. When I do that, I get weird results - i.e., clips out of sync, etc. I seem to recall you should be able to change the project tempo if you convert all the clips to groove clips, but unless I'm missing something that doesn't work either. Changing tempo and preserving the pitch without any artifacts is done very well by my other DAW (Reason), but I need some tips and tricks to make it work in CbB. (help me, Obi Wan - you're my only hope!) 😉
  14. Hi all, I started a new project, and for some reason hitting the space bar to begn playback is acting weird. The green play button lights up for a second, then my transport control goes right back to Stop, without playing the song. If I click on the Transport controls instead of using the spacebar or the fast forward buttons, it still will not start the transport. I opened some other projects, and the Transport controls and the keyboard shortcuts work fine. EDIT: Never mind.....silly me. I discovered that the transport won't play UNLESS there are some audio or MIDI clips present. (DUH)
  15. I've figured out the stem export. Never mind...lol - thank you
  16. Hi all, I have some tracks in CbB that I would like to export to Reason - I have some synths in Reason I'd like to use. I suppose I could access the Reason synths via ReWire, but instead of going down that rabbit hole ( I have ZERO knowlege of how to use ReWire) it might be easier for me to just export the tracks and drop them into Reason. Can someone point me in the right direction of where I can learn how to export all the tracks separately? (The documentation seems to lack a search function...) Thanks in advance! EDI: Figured it out. Sorry bout that
  17. Thank you sir- the Feedback Forum is a good place for this suggestion.
  18. Hmmm...fonts? So could I make the measure marker numbers could be made larger, or bold, perhaps? I didn't see this option in Preferences/Colors for the Time Ruler...
  19. Marke Burgstahler

    Time Ruler Font

    Hi all, I have my Time Ruler set to show M:B:T, and I have a hard time reading the measure number. It has a grey background wiith black measure numbers. Do I need to modify the theme intself in order to improve the contrast of the numbers in my Time Ruler? Thanks for any suggestions. EDIT: I was at least able to change the color of the measure numbers in Preferences/Colors. Much better!
  20. Wooops - never mind, I just found it. It's a lens seting.
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