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  1. I know it's right in front of me... I have two tracks that I want to combine into a single track. When I highlight each track and go to "Bounce To Track's" it creates a bounced track of each of the tracks, instead of combining them. I've done this before, but can't seem to remember how I did it. Any tips are very appreciated.
  2. Hi all - the title of my question pretty much sums it up. I'd like to know how to add an item (Console Emulation, Compressor, etc.) to multiple channels at a time. I saw a video about what the keystrokes are to do this, but I can't find the info anywhere. I know there is also a command that will open the Pro Channel for all the tracks simultaneously - also can't find that info. Thanks in advance!
  3. thank you sir - this is essentially what I ended up doing. I split the individual clips at the start and end points of the song, highlighted the clips, and did a Bounce To Track -, and exported the bounced mix as a MP3. Thanks again!
  4. Hi all, I have a multitrack file in CbB which is a live recording of a band. I'd like to export some of the better tunes individually as MP3's vs. exporting the entire set. I'm sure there is an elegant/quick way to do this - any tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thank you sir! I had seen that it had been on sale for $49 - sorry I missed the window..I'll keep my eyes out for another sale.
  6. Hiya folks, I'd like to know if anyone is using Melodyne 4 Essential. I see it is $99...all I would want to use it for is a tad of pitch correction on a vocal track here and there. I'm not sure I need more than this out of this type of plugin. Will this do the trick?
  7. yea.....not really, and I know it would be a moneysaver if I could. I have been a Reason user for a long time, and don't run into any PC issues. However, I am really taking a liking to CbB, so I think it's time for an upgrade, and I'd imagine that Reason would run even better too! Thank you again for your comments/input.
  8. Thank you very much, John - hope your wife enjoyed it too!
  9. Hi Tom - thank you for the props and suggestions. Yes, I do think her vocal is a bit too forward in the mix, and I know exactly which editing choppiness you speak of! I should have spent a bit more time crossfading or extending the decay vs. cutting off. All good comments - thank you!
  10. Hi Chuck - thank you for your comments! All good points. Actually, my laptop is the Satellite E45W-C4200X. It has two slots, but the max RAM is actually 8 GB per slot, so I could go to 16GB (as per Toshiba and Crucial memory). But as you mentioned, the processor will likely be the bottleneck here. I have not ordered the memory yet, since I was thinking that throwing $$ at a ton of RAM into the machine with that processor is possibly better spent on a PC with a faster processor and a faster SSD.
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