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  1. Bro first of all I see ur videos on YouTube. And haven't u tried FL sampler. Plz tell me I am curious.
  2. Hello sir ,now i have fixed those problems . SORRY for disturbing u . Ur team is doing awesome job ,many thanks for cakewalk.😊😊🙏🙏
  3. hey I already have seen many tutorials and read documentation but I didn't got any supportive line.
  4. Does anyone want sampler in cakewalk If yes then discuss and ask cakewalk engineer When it comes to me I think the best sampler is FL sampler with so much of features and very easy to use And I want very similar sampler for cakewalk too. 😇😇😇😇
  5. Hello I am having problems with cakewalk latest version. When I hit play then I get glitch, some of my instrument stop playing example komplete kontrol, and many effects. In anger I deleted cakewalk and downloaded it again, then also I am not getting rid of this problem. I would request u to kindly upgrade proper version soon please. By the way I already tried and gave my best to fix that bug, I tried to fix buffer size and much more, but then also I am not getting rid of this problem 😩😖
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